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😂😂...We are "in sync" here, Tootie.  Taking my UB as well waiting on laundry!    Had a FRUSTRATING morning.....


I should have worn my crown to DMV!  First of all, they closed the one close to me awhile ago.  So, I had to go to one about ten miles big deal...nice sunny day.  I'm not happy with this state to begin record is clean but guess they think I am old and not a good driver.😡 So, I arrived at 10AM and was stopped at the door!  What are you here for?  Driver's License Renewal.  Do you need a road test? Yes! Do you have an appointment? NO!  Sorry...we are at capacity and there will not be any more road tests today.🤬 WHAT!!!? You can go online and make an appointment.  ARRRGGGHHH!  So, I return home and go online....ONLY TO SEE TWO APPOINTMENTS at 12:00 and 12:30!!! 😡 I was not going back and be turned away again.  So, I tried to make an advanced appointment...NO CAN DO!!  SO, I call the Appointment Hotline and was old to call back tomorrow at 8AM!  😡🤬😡🤬 TERRIBLE SYSTEM!!!!  Bad communications!  Crazy!  But, whatcha gonna do?  Only reason we stay in this state is because of two kids and five grandkids here!  Should move to Florida near other son and let kids visit me.  Nothing perfect!🥴


Back to laundry and prepare for tomorrow.  We won't leave until after lunch so I will check in tomorrow morning....or before....😁.


W ..... WINE!!!  Ready for it early today (but didn't..😆)


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Hello friends ... walker, how annoying!! I hope you have better luck tomorrow ... I forgot to ask you earlier, do you actually take a road test with a "tester" in the car?? like you are getting your license for the first time?


cookie and kittyfan, hope you had a good day ...


Just finished up cleaning the kitchen so I'm on to a UB  ... 😁 See you in the morning ...


X ~ Xtra Large Glass of Wine ... 😵🤪


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Hi more news here but answering your question, Tootie.....yes, road test like I am 16 again!!!! 😡

SO ANNOYING!!!!  Tester in car...I don't know any other states that require don't in friends in MI never heard of it there....but good ol' IL ....send employees out to drive with older people.....geez....maybe over 80 or 90 but I'm not there yet!!!!  Why not test people who have bad driving records??  I guess I will have to do this every four years now.  DH had to do it a few years ago and thought he was done.  Nope, he has to go again too.

More tomorrow when I try to get an appointment.  

See you in morning....Sleep WELL my friends!  

Y ..... Yellow Onions


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning ~


Today's the day Lucy and Desi go on the road again.  I thought you might want some company so I contacted Ethel and Fred and they were thrilled tto be invited.  They are ready to be back drivers!😁🤣


     Q Lucy and Desi with Ethel and Fred.jpg


Have a great trip and stay safe.  Don't forget your crown  and G'mas' Meds - you may need them after the drive with Ethel and Fred😂😂😊


Shout out to Tootie 🌻 and kittyfan 🌺


Passing the coffee ~


Z - Zapping out crazy driver's tests!      or Zucchini Bread

A - next


PS:  Ditch the yellow hats!

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Good morning friends ... 😂😂😂 cookie!! thanks for the morning laugh ... that picture is the first thing that I saw and it is so funny, but perfect!! (and then "ditch the yellow hats") 😂😂😂


walker, ugh!! how annoying ... like you said, test the ones that have a bad record or those in their 80's/90's ... get behind that wheel and put the "pedal to the metal" hahaha!! and take that tester for the ride of their life!! ... good luck scheduling today.


kittyfan, hope all is well with you ...


We'll have one more miserable chilly 45 degree day and then the temps "should" start to go up ... we still have our geraniums out in the front garden (which are still going strong) but I think we're DH is going to get them out this weekend ...


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


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Good Morning Friends!  ☕️🍁🍂🇺🇸


Happy Thursday!!!  Happy it is here....🤣🤣....funny picture, cookie!!!  Love the morning laughs!  Gotta love them!!!  I remember that episode too.  Yes, off we go today with or without Ethel and Fred....must be in backseat when Desi starts the car...ha!!!   The adventures continue.....I should be able to check-in on this trip....road reports from Lucy...ha.


More laughs, Tootie, as you suggested  I put "pedal to the metal and take road tester for ride of their life"! 🤣 Now that would be another good Lucy episode! 🤣 I'll call for an appointment this morning...🤞.


👋👋 to kittyfan, hope you are doing ok.  I just picked up a book recommended by a friend....The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post (of Post cereal family).  Have you read it with a book club?


All for now...have a good day....keep smiling...keep laughing......look out America...Lucy and Desi on the road again! 🤣


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UPDATE!!!!!  I got my appointment for next Thursday...10AM!  🤞  Get In...Get Out....Zoooooom! 🤞


Ok, now back to packing....Desi will be warming up the car....LUCY....ARE YOU READY????  😂


🎼On the road again....just can't wait to get on the road again....😆......🚗

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Love all the episodes. Laughs.

Yesterday went to Ts. Late start. Arrived to find tables full. Couldn't find work bucket. Asked for permission yo use someone's spot. Gathered up some baby clothes. Heard someone say they w eye leaving. Swooped in to grab work bucket. Wentbto my corner. Ran out of hangers. Had yo put priced items back in bin.

They are getting bids on remodel. Heard a conversation that costs be as much as initial building. I hate to see us committing to this expense. Bank willing yo loan.

Walker: wow covid really changed our lives.

Safe travels. Enjoy.

D: dates

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Hello friends ... kittyfan, good to see you ... glad to hear that you were able to get back into your little corner to get your TS work done ... I hope that all goes well if they decide to do the remodel ...


walker, good news on your appointment ... now on to your trip!! ... safe travels to you and DH ... have a good time!!


See you later ...


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Lucy reporting in......made it to our first stop in Indiana.  Traffic getting around Chicago is always horrible but we made it!  Trucks galore and construction...ugh!  Unfortunately, Fred and Ethel did not make the trip....😉.....something about Fred couldn't find his yellow hat and had to have it....Ethel did not want him to have it anyway....Ethel kept yelling FRED!!!  FRRRED!!!! Desi is leaving..... Fred said.....we aren't going without my hat. Desi left....😖.  They can catch a bus and meet us!

Checked into hotel and there was a restaurant within walking distance....hooray....had a delicious dinner!  Desi said....#$@**!! ....about Lucy's one glass of wine....$11!!!! I could have bought the whole bottle in store!  Ha!  Never said I was a cheap date! 😂  Day 1 and so far so good...stay tuned!



 kittyfan, the TS sure continues to get a lot of things donated.  I can imagine what cost of remodel might be.💰


👋👋cookie and Tootie and thanks for nice send off...still laughing at picture!


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G .... Gremlins strike font again....😡


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