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Good morning friends ... Buddy! it's your last day with grandma and grandpa ... we've enjoyed you joining our group while you visited ... you will be missed but the Amigos are going to be so excited to see you!! ... does grandma have your bag packed and waiting by the door?? 😂


kittyfan, I hope you feel better and can get some good sleep ... I don't think this virus is ever going to go away ... (not preaching, but ...) I just wish people would get vaccinated ... on Saturday our county reported between 1,500-2,000 new cases!! and the workers can't keep up with tracing the contacts of the those that are sick, so the ones that are sick have to notify anyone that they were in contact with ...


walker, you made it!! today is Buddy's send-off! I'm sure you'll miss him but at the same time glad to see him go 😉 (in a good way) ... and then you'll be able to un-doggy proof your house!! those chairs can go back where they belong ...


We are at a bitter cold 12 now and our high for today is 22 ... Have a good day ... pouring and passing. Good W cookie.


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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☕️🐕‍🦺🥶



BRRRR!  10 degrees here now....even Buddy went out and did not want to spend time sniffing.  Did his business and headed for the house...ha!  LAST early morning out!!!!  I made it!  Home stretch now....hopefully, family is home by late afternoon.  I am fixing a big dinner so they can join us or take a carry-out.


kittyfan, sorry you had a rough...sleepless...night.  I hope you catch up with some UBs today...UBs and ZZzzzs!😁

Bigger concern is friend who became ill after you had just been with her.  Another reason to rest today! Be Well!


Tootie is right....this disease is not going away!  Sad to say but we've done what we were suppose to do..vaccines.   As my mother would say....Hope for the Best and Cope with the Rest!  Try to do the right thing for ourselves is all we can do. 🤞I am hearing more positive cases now with friends of those fully vaccinated.  🥴


I am still having some vertigo problems...mostly at night.  I have read that it could take three weeks or longer to pass...ugh!  I should probably check with doctor...I'll get off my dog duty first.  cookie, is your lightheadedness related to vertigo/inner ear problems or something else.  Does it happen when you lie down and move head?


I laughed at the W, cookie and, Tootie, I'll have an X too!

OH...another laugh....I have been in and out the front door with Buddy a gazillion times.  Today I noticed my front door wreath is still hanging!  Ha!  I usually take it down when we take down outside things.  DH took down outside decorations when I was out last week so I never thought about it.  Guess where my brain has been?  In a fog with B...U...D...D...Y!


GAB, GAB, GAB....say good-bye Queenie......ok, see you later!  Happy Monday!


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walker, my lightheadedness comes from balance issues and is not always present - more present than not thou.  I have to hold onto something if I need to step over a dog taking a UB on the floor.  I need to go around Seven - he is too big to step high and hold on!  My aunt had Menieres but never did get into the specifications more than just vertigo/lite headedness.  It is not something to take lightly.  Can the this "gift" be returned????? ha ha, I wish.


Queen Mom was a very wise woman - Hope for the best and cope with the rest - great advice from a great lady🌸


Z - Zweibach        or ZZZ's for kittyfan 

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Good Afternoon Friends!  👋👋


🎼Oh, my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....not by the front door yet!  Funny, Tootie!  DIL sent message they should be home mid-afternoon.  😁👍 I will miss Buddy...a little bit....he is very lovable.  DH says we will adjust in one day (or less)...ha!  I won't miss having to walk him in the cold or at bedtime.  I told DH we will probably wake up during the night wondering where he is!


cookie, thanks for answering about your lightheadedness...balance issue.  You/we really do have to be careful.  I'll see how I am feeling after I "relax" a bit with no doggy care here.


My laundry is done and put away.  My dinner is fixed to pop in oven.  I'm ready for a UB!!  kittyfan, hope you have had a good nap.

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Well I guess Buddy has returned home! Missing him yet??

Went to TS today. Shoes lady dropped a glass measuring cup which shattered. She didn't bother to clean it up. One of the other ladies was sweeping up glass everywhere. She casually said she had dropped it. What is wrong here. You make a huge mess you get the broom don't just go your Merry way!

For the most part I like the group. So I dot a lot done. Will probably go this weekend and zip over to the Cafe. Next week is my week to work so I will have other things to do.

It was cd this morning. Nice in sun. Was coming off by the time I ho got home. Wednesday is book club. Finally settled on restaurant. Close to home so that is good. First choice was not.

Thursday is ladies group at church. Not excited but I did get them to nit fo a meal. Samecfew folks and ut was a lot to bring everything, clean up, and take everything home. And it took time.

One of the ladies had taken her mask iff to eat lunch. She put it back in and said she was getting more serious as so many have Covid. When I went to TSjne at test date was long and three deep. Coming home still a line but shorter. I will still be cautious. Found some N95 masks. Not medical grade but worth using in my opinion.
Coffee ready.

Signing off for evening.

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Hello friends ... walker, I think by now you should be dog-less and maybe missing him a little?? ... I hope your family arrived safely and I bet Buddy and the Amigos were so happy to see each other ... I hope you can get some relief from your vertigo ... when I had my bout with it, I didn't like to lay flat so I used a wedge pillow and my bed pillow at night ... it helped a lot and now I use them both all the time ... I also learned how to hold my head while walking/moving around so I didn't get dizzy ... feel better!! and hopefully you'll get a good nights sleep ... 😴


kittyfan, what in the world is wrong with people?? to just walk away when you break something?? I just don't understand that ... those N95 masks will be good to use (real or not) ... I have cloth ones which I will double up with when/if I go out ... I really don't go anywhere except the grocery store or to get a hair cut.


cookie, I hope you had a good day ...


See you tomorrow ...


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Good morning ~


walker, now that Buddy is home I'll bet the 3 Amigos are as happy as Buddy.  Do you feel like something is missing?  Very easy to get used to animals and hard to let them go.  I'm sure Buddy will be back in DDC again😊


Glad you found the wedge pillow for vertigo relief Tootie.  I've never heard of holding your head a certain way - would you share?  Tootie, I've heard that Amazon has good quality KN95 masks.  I plan to browse A today. I don't go anywhere either except the pharmacy, get gas and doctor visits.  Homebody I am!


kittyfan, I agree with Tootie.  What in the world is wrong with people????  If you cause damages, make a mess, borrow something - take responsibility!  Clean it up and return things!!  Enjoy the visit with the Cafe.


I will be calling the eye doctor this morning - have an itchy red small lump on my lower eyelid - think it's a sty. Won't go away (3rd day).  Itches and annoying.  Hope to get an appointment.  I did get a haircut yesterday - made my day!


Passsing the coffee ~


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Good morning friends ... cookie, I bet you felt good after your haircut, they always seem to make us feel better ... but oh no to your eye issue, I hope you can get in to see the doctor with that ... what I meant about holding my head a certain way was if I notice that I get dizzy turning to the left or right, instead of turning my head I try to hold it straight and turn my whole body (almost like when you have a stiff neck) that helps me a lot ...


Shout out to walker and kittyfan ... I hope you both were able to get a good nights sleep ...


We'll have  a sunny 35 degree day ... they're predicting a storm for Wednesday night throughout Thursday ... up to 18 inches of snow predicted ... it's a waiting game to see if the weatherpeople are right ... they like to get people all riled up.


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☕️☀️


Another cold morning.....little wind too which doesn't help.  I am very glad I don't have to bundle up and get Buddy out.


Family returned and came for Buddy.  Oh my gosh, it was so cute.  Buddy was SO EXCITED he jumped up and down and ran around the house.  The feeling was mutual. We do miss him but we'll adjust quickly.  Sleeping last night was much better!!!  

Tootie, hope you don't get too much snow all at once.  Did you see photos of I-95 in Virginia with traffic stuck both ways....bad!  DH and I were in a storm like that the first year we were married.  We had gone to Ohio for Thanksgiving with DH's family.  Snow started so we left for home early.  Long story short, it got worse and worse.  We were able to get off highway and inched our way several miles on back roads to a Holiday Inn.  Hotel was full but they let people come in and sleep in the banquet/conference rooms.  We were thankful to be off the road and sleeping on a floor.  Not far away the highway was blocked and people were stuck in their cars.  

kittyfan, takes all types, eh?  And you seem to meet them all at TS!  No excuse for not cleaning up broken glass.  Too bad someone didn't grab a broom and you go!


cookie, sorry about your eye problem.  Maybe a sty...hope you can get in right away.  I'm a homebody too....especially in winter...ha....I am a homebody in hibernation!


I have been sleeping on two pillows also...similar, Tootie, for the past week.  I think that helps. You described head movements well too.  I am conscious of what I do now.  I slept better last night and only had one slight wave of vertigo....maybe I have turned the corner???  🤞🤞🤞🤞


Well, better get going.  I need breakfast and have to get to the is warmest day of better get what I need.  I don't understand how I spend so much time and money at grocery store for two people!  Ha!


See you all later....Happy Tuesday!


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18 inches of snow!! I know that is a way of life for you as heat is for us.

Walker; know Buddy et all very very happy. It's nice to get away but good to get home.

Slept late this morning. I had snuggle pups. Mine are small and have their spots.

Argh. I saw a report of a new variant in France. I am over this. Someone was needing a test to go to work. Having difficulty finding testing. I am not planning travel etc. A cruise was never on my list but that is definitely a no.

Two ladies from dominos planned to go to a Germany for oberamergau. If they have to cancel will get refund. I am thinking no way.

Argh. Lost my post

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