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Good morning. Probably will bump but here goes.

Cookie and I csn use some moisture. Very dry here. They lifted the burn ban but I think they should put it back on. But just my opinion.

Yesterdsy at church my friend said her GS visited for the first time in 2 years. No they do t live far away. Just staying away from folks I guess. He has have a kidney transplant (dad) she said her DIL lost an uncle last week. COVID is still with us. Although I didn't personally know anyone I have been hearing of more and more people touched

I went yo TS. Loaded up the dishes on a cart. Rolled them out the front door to load. Back in locked front door returned key and cart and out the back door. Walked around building. There is a very popular (busy) restaurant in town. Yes counter service. Well they have started closing on Sundays. Giving work force a break. Hard to find help. Headed for home. Drove past another popular spot in my town. Busy. Home to do a few tasks. Humid and uncomfortable. Took UB. have book club book read a little put it aside. So a non newsy day for me.

I woke up this morning thinking I hadn't received my tax notices. Yep first round in mail today. Hate writing those checks.

My cousin let me know my last aunt broke her hip. Doing well.

Vidalia onions. Yum. I do enjoy the sweet 1015s also.

Mimosas all around!!!!

W: watermelon mimosa. (Wonder how that would tasts)

X: next

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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☔️💨



Happy Monday!  I have returned....alleluia!  Miserable weather day....rain and wind...tapering off now.  Just about lost my umbrella getting in and out of hospital for exam.  I used my oldest umbrella that I didn't care about because I was sure it would blow inside out...sure enough.  Had hood on jacket but hard to keep that on too!  UGH!  BUT....although I don't like hurrying in mornings, it is worth it for appointments....few and out...only waited a few minutes.  I had a really nice technician.  We all know the routine so no details but I just had to laugh when she would relax!  HA!  Oh sure!  🤞I get a good report back!


Tootie, wow, you and DH have right touch for your geraniums! Wonder how long they will last...first frost I guess??  Mine are gone now.  Had to move my pots of mums before rain came yesterday so they didn't drown.  

All for now......👋👋 to cookie and kittyfan....see you all later.


W .... Water, Water everywhere here! or Water Chestnuts


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BUMP!!!  Your ESP was right, kittyfan.

Back later....


X ...... Xtra Mimosas any day! 👍 Not sure

          on watermelon though...might have

          cool refreshing taste in summer.


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Hello ... glad you were in and out this morning walker ... and relax?? OK, no problem 😏😲 ... I guess I picked out pretty good spots for the geraniums! ... DH plants them and does all the watering .. I just point to the spot where I want them  😂😂 ... he really enjoys gardening!!


kittyfan, sorry to hear about your aunt breaking her hip ... hope she continues to do well ... ah yes! the good old tax bills (I don't think they will ever come late and even if they do, they will still want their money on time 😁) ... I think I would like the watermelon Mimosas 😋🍹 ..


cookie, hope you are having a good day ...


See you later ...


Y ~ Yogurt




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Hi friends.....rain stopped and sun finally came out here but, still windy!   Guess it will be blowing your way, Tootie.


That is too bad about your aunt, kittyfan.  Did she have surgery?  Isn't that what happened to your DM, Tootie?

I remember having a hard time saying yes to my mother's surgery at age 97 for slight fracture. Either that or stay bedridden.   She did great...I was a wreck...haha.


cookie, how is it going there?  We haven't heard any new adventures of Seven in awhile.  Being a good ol' dog these days?  

About it for me.....have a good evening.  

Z ..... Zesty Italian Dressing


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Dimming the lights in the kitchen.

Yes my aunt had surgery. Thank you for your well wishes.

A: apples

B: next
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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning ~  


Up to early again!  Getting a little more sleep but still waking up to early- 3am.  No naps during the day have helped.  Too many UB's which quickly turn into a catnap 🙀


kittyfan, sorry to near about your aunt and glad that she had surgery.  Hope she is recovering well.  Sending good wishes for her ✨🌺 


The battle of the Geraniums continues.....  you are lucky your DH likes to garden Tootie!  I hear the storm is coming your way.  Be safe and careful.


walker, thanks for asking about Seven.  He continues to be a well behaved and sweet dog ❤ - he is 2 now so a puppy doesn't fit.  He has been very good lately - hmmm, is this an indication of plans for "fun" looming in his head.  Glad you made it out okay in the rain - good thing for hooded jackets and laughing about your oldest umbrella 😄              



                             Q windblown umbrella for walker.jpg


This could have been you! 


Passing the coffee ~


B - Brussel sprouts 

C is next




There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Good morning friends ... cookie, that's a cool picture!! as I  picture our Queen flying through the air 😄 ... sorry you are having issues sleeping .. it must be tough if you fall asleep while UBing and then try to get a good nights sleep ... maybe an extra Mimosa or two?? haha!! ...


walker, yes, we will have a windy and rainy day again today ... it almost feels like Spring with all of this rain ... and the leaves are really not changing to pretty colors, they just curl up and fall off the trees ... and to your question about DM, yes, she fell and then had to have surgery and she really didn't fare very well with that ...


kittyfan, hope things are going well at the TS ...


Have a good day everyone ... pouring and passing.


C ~ Caramel Apples ... never was a fan!


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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☕️🍂 cute, cookie!  Love the pic!  That would have been me except for a few extra pounds that hold me down.  😂  Glad to hear Seven is growing out of his crazy puppy stage.  Sorry about sleep issues.  It is so frustrating, isn't it?  


kittyfan, hope your aunt will do well with therapy.  I am always concerned about taking a fall.  I have heard too many stories I guess.


Tootie and her DH win the geranium contest!  I hope they make it to November.  Lucky your DH has green thumb.

My DH loves being outside....especially massaging his lawn....haha.....that and his trees....he should live in a cabin in the woods....loves trees!  (Until he has to rake leaves!)


Oh....I am not a big fan of caramel apples either.  But, we have a chocolate store nearby that has the best Apple Pie Caramel apples (other good varieties too).  Yum!  Can't describe very well...but, light caramel and then rolled in a sugary combination....good for slicing and sharing.  Now...I am hungry for one.


Well, time to move on for now.....Happy Tuesday everyone!


D ..... Domino Sugar


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Hello friends ... it was quiet on here today ... I had a UB kind of day ... rainy, damp, windy .. ugh!! I'm getting tired of this rain.


Have a good night ... see you tomorrow!


E ~ Everything bagel