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Good morning ~  BRRRRR, it's cold!!! 33 outside!  We have definitely got some of the Northern freeze!


Sounds like the TS may be taking some good precautions. Waiting until the weather gets better is a good precaution as well.  You have set the precautionary standards kittyfan ~


Q Bee with a mask and sign.jpg


Tootie, your bean soup brings pleasant memories.  My mother also made great bean soup but not very often.  DD makes a wonderful bean soup - she is very good with bean anything. Especially good in this freezing cold weather ( they are predicting a -1 sometime next week!).  


walker, how's your picture project coming along? Probably as good as mine - haha.  Mine is still boxed in storage so I guess I'll be waiting for the photo fairy to get a hold of Wanda Wand and get things done!  


Hey MissMadi ~

Passing the coffee ~


E - Eggs Benedict

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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning friends ... cookie, I love that picture! that would be perfect to hang up on the TS door ... my gosh you are having some really cold weather ... try to stay warm! ... let me know how Wanda Wand works out for you ... I could use her around here too! one wave and dust and clutter is gone ... 😉


kittyfan, glad you got everything taken care of with your car ... good call on taking a hiatus from the TS ... once things settle down with this virus, I know you'll be right back there.


walker, I agree about being hydrated ... water is so good for us ... in fact, (not making claims, but ...) DB and DIL both got second vaccine dose on Monday.  DB (Moderna) took tylenol and drank gatorade right after, then drank lots of water for the rest of the day ... DIL (Pfizer) drank some water.  DB had no issues other than being sore at injection site ... DIL ached from head to toe and ran a fever. I know everyone is different and will react differently but just wanted to pass this info along.


We'll have a 23 degree day with a peek of sun ... Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


F ~ French Onion Soup ... yum!


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Good Morning Friends!  🥶⛄️

Running late today ...... garbage day here and last week we almost missed the pick up because trucks came early.

So, got those out and had breakfast.  You needed to know that garbage information, right? 😂


Sorry our bitter cold has moved down to TX!!!  Right now I would take 30's but that is too cold for you!  Will that hurt the grapefruit crop?


Cute pic for our busy bee, cookie!  And, it is too bad about TS volunteers, kittyfan, but not surprising.  It will be up and running again.  Maybe you actually welcome a little break from it.  

Tootie, thanks for sharing information on reaction from 2nd shots of DB and DIL.  I forgot to mention (or did I mention and forgot..ha).....anyway....a friend and her husband went last week for second shots (Pfizer).   She had a headache and he had no reaction.  Interesting, eh?  We are still on waiting list.  I'll wait....don't leave home much anyway.  Friends in FL are driving long distances to get a shot.  I'm not doing that....get it local or not at all.  Seniors in FL seem to be in panic.  Seniors here are not happy that it is taking so long but whatcha gonna do?   I think those that have compromised immune systems should move up on the list.   The sister-in-law of a friend died from Covid a week ago.  Very sad....she had dealt with breast cancer....became ill...went to hospital before Christmas....sadly, never returned home.


Pass Wanda Wand around when you find her...ha.  BUT...I do have my project 99% done!!!  There is always something else to do.


Well, bye for now, Happy Thursday....see you later.🇺🇸😷


G .... Great Northern Beans for Soup


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Back again......just read online about a horrific multiple car crash in Fort Worth, TX area....icy roads.  Don't go out cookie and kittyfan!!!  Probably not your area but be careful!  

H .... Honey


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Brrr. It is rainy here. I am staying put. Was happy I got my vehicle issues comefed.

End of month is my scheduled

TS. Hopefully winter weather will be better

Saw someone post a picture a bit north of Cookie. ICE

Grapefruit are in valley but yes will freeze

Saw the big pile up.

Staying in. No place o need to be

I: ice. Reports of ice on roads here. Not venturing out go check

J: next
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Hello ... yikes, that was a pretty bad and big pile up in Texas ... RIP to those who died ... that darn ice is impossible to drive on ... and even worse for those who have never or are not used to driving on it ... I hit a patch on a side street once and spun around and around (you just lose control) onto the main street ... luckily, no cars were coming ... I had both kids with me too!


walker, sorry about your friends SIL ... that is sad as I imagine she died alone (or maybe her area allows visitors)


kittyfan, glad you didn't have to go out anywhere ...


See you later ...


J ~ Jambalaya








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Hi ~~  We've been having pretty cold weather along with snow in the mornings but by the time afternoon comes it is almost gone.


I see you've been posting about soups.    I made Jambalaya for dinner.  The last time I made it - had to have been at least 10 years ago - if not longer.  Really flavorful but just a little spicy. 


No side effects from the Pfizer vaccine and really didn't expect to have any.  I'm curious - have any of you had a Covid test?


walker, tootie and cookie - glad you like the emojis, and your welcome. 😺     


Hey cookie - love your honeybee graphic.


See the source image


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Good morning ~  BRRRR, even colder than yesterday - feels like 18 probably 25. We had what I thought was rain yesterday - turned out to be freezing rain/ice.  All the yards were covered in ice with icicles hanging from the trees.  There were patches of black ice as well.  Scary stuff.  DD had most of her clients postphone/cancel their appointments and SIL's company sent everyone home.  Good place to be. SIL had to be very cautious when goiing out to the barn to care for the horses. The yards are still frozen and very dangerous to walk on.  .  


I saw way too many accidents on the news yesterday.  Horrible ones!  Very sad.  Prayers for all involved.  I have never driven in ice or snow and I'm not going to do so now! 

Sad about your friend's SIL walker.  Thanks for the reactions to the shots.  I am still on the fence (not ours, it's covered with ice! 😊) about getting a shot at all.  I will ask my doc at my next phone appointment.


MissMadi, our neighbor used to make Jambalaya all the time when I was a kid. My parents loved it!  I never did like it. She did make some really good food though.  Another cute picture!


Passing the cofffee ~ 


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            STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!!!


There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning friends ... cookie, you had me laughing when you mentioned about being still on the "fence" ... covered in ice!! ... glad to hear that everyone was safe and sound at home ... what crazy weather you are having.


MissMadi, your jambalaya sounds like a good and hardy meal on a snowy day ... not sure if you noticed, but we call kittyfan our resident BuzyBee ... she has no rest in her bones!  😄 and cookie always finds good bee pictures!! ... I have not had a Covid test and am on the tailend of the distribution of the vaccines ... I don't see me getting mine for a long time yet.


Hi to walker and kittyfan ...


We're at 10 degrees and our high will be 22 with snow ... Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


M ~ Mimosas ... to keep us all warm!! cheers 🥂



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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸😷⛄️


A little behind again today because I was sidetracked with a couple of emails I had to answer....then breakfast...and now here I am!!  Happy Friday everyone!!


This weather pattern is crazy right now.  We expect cold, snow and ice in the north but not in south.  Very sorry for you TX gals but yours will pass quicker than ours.  Tragic car pile up there yesterday.  Bridges and overpasses are the worst for ice.  Stay home and stay safe!!! 

I have had a Covid test, MissMadi.  I had to get one last July before I could go into hospital for a stress test.  It was quick and big problem...they do have to put that q-tip type thing up your nose which can be a bit uncomfortable but lasts a few seconds.  

We had a little snow overnight....more to come over weekend into Mon/Tues.  Joy, Joy....wintertime...grin and bear it....or, more often, bitch and bear it! 🤣

Keep a kick out of your fence reference too, cookie!  Glad you and kittyfan are playing it safe.  Tootie, thanks for the mimosas....think I'll have another...haha.


See you later.


N ..... Nutmeg


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