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Hello .... hi cookie!!  so glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are doing OK ... take it easy now and really take advantage of those UB's!!


walker yes, we were in the kitchen for most of the day ... pies, cookies, stuffing and squash done ... as well as a relish tray!! Now to get things packed up and (hopefully) not forget anything in the morning .... luckily, DM doesn't live that far away if we do ....


In case I don't get a chance to hop on tomorrow ... HAPPY THANKGIVING to my my friends here ... I too, am thankful to have found you .... cookie, remember to take it easy!!


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Hi girls!  Just popping in to say Happy Thanksgiving.  

Cookie, hope you're doing OK - having surgery is NO FUN!  


Starting PT - hurts like heck!  God bless - behave yourselves!  Cat Wink



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                    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Good morning everyone ~  FHG, how nice to see you.  Hope you are feeling bettter and can join us more often - you are missed.




Sending warm wishes to us all ~


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Good Morning Friends! Gobble-Gobble!🦃


FHG, nice to see you.  Good luck with PT.  Stop in when you can.


Cookie, cute cartoon.  Hope you had a restful night.  


Off and running.....busy day ahead!


TO ALL.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  Enjoy your day!


B .... Being Grateful Today for good life, good health, good family 

        and GOOD FRIENDS!


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Thanksgiving--a time to give Thsnks. I have many blessings to be thankful for

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING,  hope you all have a blessed day!!! I miss y'all but think of you daily. 

Take care cookie, hope you are well.

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E is up!

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We are blessed!  Two of our long lost SCC ladies in one day!  Glad to hear from you bigkat.  Please check in more often. Have a blessed day all


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There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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OH MY GOSH,  what a day of blessings is right, cookie!!!  Hail,Hail the Gang's All Here!!!  We know Tootie is with us too but busy taking things to her DM's and getting Mr. Turkey in the oven. 


bigkat......GREAT to see you.....wishing you and yours a happy day as well.  Please stop in when you can.


FHG....forgot to say I loved your cute little pilgrim picture too. Stop in more often!


kittyfan....enjoy a day of rest from giving and duties at TS.


Well, back to kitchen....Mr. Turkey is in the oven but I need to peel some contribution to the feast....turkey, potatoes and cranberries.




F ... Faith, Family and Friends!  Many Blessings!


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Hail-/hail the gang is all here! My neighbor invited me for pie at 10! And dinner at 1. I had already made other plans. She posted a picture of her 15pies! She is a fabulous cook--I accept doggie bags! Okay eating pie first would ruin my appetite for my favorite. My dad and I loved stiffing AKA dressing. My mom made the best!

I had ordered flowers as a treat for my SIL. Then found out she was going to daughters. So I changed order to her address. Yesterday woke up to an email it had been delivered to get home. Burned up phone lines. 15 minute plus wait to talk to someone. They got it straightened out. Less than an hour later she sent me a picture. Got to her in Indiana not Texas.

Joining friends for dinner. Was tucked in reading last night. Will I bring rolls--stopped on way in. Nothing like last minute. Laughed when I saw a lady with her three kids shopping. She was loading her cart with lots of pies. She should have visited my neighbor!!!
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Forgot to shout out to Cookie! Glad you are doing well.