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Hi! Good afternoon. We are cold, windy but supposed to reach 50s??? I think the weather people are wrong!

cookie5, thinking of you and DD today. bigkat, hope the DH got the computer fixed. walker, you are so right about that picture of the puppy!!! Have fun making cookies, you are such a good grandmother! Tootie15, stay warm. I am looking forward to BAT! kittyfan, I can see Red smiling about that name as well!!! FHG, hope you are on the mend. Everyone enjoy your day. Kathy

E = Easy Italian Chicken with Pasta

F is next

Easy Italian Chicken with Pasta page 70 Gooseberry Patch's Country Quick & Easy

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese, divided

1/8 c. Italian seasoning

2 T. garlic powder

6 oz. angel hair pasta, cooked

26 oz. jar spaghetti sauce, heated

In a broiler pan, place chicken breasts and sprinkle with half of the cheese, Italian seasoning and garlic powder. Broil for 5 to 10 minutes; turn chicken breasts and sprinkle with remaining cheese, Italian seasoning and garlic powder. Broil for an additional 5 to 10 minutes or until tests done. Serve chicken over top of pasta and pour sauce over all. Make 4 servings.

This was submitted by Erin T from Ephrata, PA She says "perfect for dinner guests, easy enough for any night"!

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Hi everyone! Some prayer would be appreciated; I'm still hurting, although I no longer have to shuffle and hold on to something when I walk. Poor little Jellybean is snuggled up on my arm; he falls over when he tries to walk and his ear is still oozing, so I guess the problem is some sort of ear infection - we're headed out to the vet in a little wile That totally screws up my budget for the month; I cancelled my much-needed haircut appointment, and am trying to figure out where else I can cut back. (sigh) At least it's winter, so I don't go out much...and I don't need anything. My stylist does such a good job that my hair doesn't look too bad - it's just that it's gotten very long.

Linda, I think my Autumn is part rat terrier, part Jack Russel. She likes to snuggle in bed with me, and I figure who needs a husband when I have her pushing me off the bed, hogging the covers, snoring, and f@rting all night? {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

E = Eskimo pies

F =

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Fred was a rescue. I looked up Rat Terrier and it was a mirror imagine. Ran into a couple with Fred's double at Home Depot one day---she was ""papered"". Fred had gone inside and I knew it wasn't him but I heard the bark!.

My Mr. Boodles I am thinking is part Jack Russell---he is sweet---sleeps under the covers--but has a ""stubborn streak"" that doesn't end!Mr. Boodles was a rescue. Shelter named his Casear. He didn't like that name. Changed it to CZ---just a turn of his ear. Mr. Boodles--or Bo Bo stuck--silly boy.

Poor Jellybean---know about those pop up vet bills.

F: Frito pie---very popular around these parts especially at football games.

G: Next

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Hello friends ... just put my pork chops in the oven .... we are at a cold 12 degrees, with a wind chill "real feel" of -12 ... brrrrr!! ... we have our Code Blue in effect ... a couple of the City Missions open up and will be warming shelters overnight to the homeless ... and no snow for us ... expecting flurries.

FHG, so sorry that you and your Jellybean are sick ... hope you are able to bounce back quickly!! ... praying for you!

Kittyfan, cute story about your pets .... what is Frito pie??

G ~ Green beans


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Frito pie---at the football games they take a bag of fritos---split it open on side of the bag. Spoon on chilli and top with cheese. Popular for feeding lots of kids at church also.

H: Hominy

I: Next

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J- jelly

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Good morning ~ DD and I had a good time yesterday trying on wigs. She has a petite head so the choices were somewhat limited. She picked out a really cute one. The lady was very knowledgeable and offered lots of suggestions, etc. This was the ACS not the insurance as I originally thought. She now has a lot of good info to help her. FHG, sorry for your little one and your emergency vet bills. We had one yesterday as well. Our new little Blue Heeler is a rambunctious little devil and loves to "play" with the Bison Frieze (sp?) so much that he chewed his ear enough to cause it to inflame and get infected. Now Shorty is wearing the crown of shame, but safe from the little weasel. kittyfan, I had a goldfish named Fred when I was first married. I was so sad when he died. We are supposed to be 60 today - YAY!!! Stay warm everyone.

K = kitchen scissors (in every drawer please)

L is next

There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Good morning cookie and all!! .... kittyfan, thanks for the explanation of frito pie ... sounds yummy!! ... cookie, glad that your DD was able to find a wig that she liked ... poor little Shorty, hope he's not too mad at his new friend ....

We are 12 degrees now, going up to 20 with light snow ..... another day to stay inside!!

Have a good day friends ...

L ~ Leftovers


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Good Morning Friends! Older...Colder...Slower here.....happy to stay in today like Tootie....going to be high of 11. DH and I are working on a jigsaw puzzle...1000 pieces....annual winter puzzle. Years ago Santa used to always bring a jigsaw puzzle for the family each year so the tradition continues. I also have many inside projects so, hopefully, I will be productive....sun is shining so that helps the energy level. Cookie, glad your daughter found a wig she likes. Love the pet stories. Kathy, good quick recipe. I have made something similar on stove top.....with chicken tenders, cubed, brown, add sauce, serve over pasta. Happy Tuesday.......a no problem day? Maybe? Hope so! See you later. M.....Minced Garlic.....NEXT...N
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Good morning!!! We are 9 again, going up into the teens today. DH went out to snow blow earlier (unusual) and said we got a foot over night. I have had nasty sinus headaches, so I guess he knew I was not going out to do the driveway! There is school today, I was surprised.

Cookie, glad DD found a wig!

FHG, hope you and Jellybean are feeling better soon!

Have a super Tuesday!!!!!!!!

M-Microwave Popcorn

N is up!