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I laughed out loud and just had to share.  It's from Twitter by an Annie McGrath:


                She writes:  "This is 45 bags of spinach."

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When my girls were growing up we ate spinach maybe 2 times a week!


We all love spinach so much.  I'd make meals with maybe 4 or 5 vegetables (no meat) just vegetables.


OK, now being honest here.  It's not like I'm a great cook or anything.  It's not like I do something magical with vegetables.


It's more like how can you take what is otherwise a healthy vegetable and cook it to death (spinach) and add butter.


Here's a sample of my veggie meal.  Spinach, green beans, sometimes mashed potatoes, corn, and a few other things.


My girls sometimes even put spinach on their hot dogs.  My son-in-law always thought he was funny when he'd say, "Annabelle opens up a mean can".  Ha!  Ha!


Say it anyway you want, my girls love vegetables.  Lima beans, you bet....


The only thing they didn't like that Dad did was asparagus.

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Yup, I eat a pound just for my serving.  In the morning I eat a pound of greens (usually broccoli) so I'm used to the shrinking greens.  So worth good for you!

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Spinach is probably my favorite veggie, thanks Pop Eye!  I especially like a spinach omelet, quiche, and salad, but my family's favorite is sauteed in olive oil with crushed red pepper and garlic.  Simply delicious.

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I love Spinach but, it has to be fresh spinach steamed with garlic & oil ..... I put it on a piece of italian bread & make a meal out of it .... YUM YUM 🤗😊