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I needed some shredded chicken for a recipe today. I poached a few boneless skinless breasts and as soon as I removed them from the pot, I put them in a deep-ish mixing bowl and tried the hand mixer method, using my Kitchenaid 9-speed.  Licketysplit it was done and beautifully shredded.  I'm assuming the same would work for slow cooked  "pulled" pork or tender beef.



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It's funny you mentioned this. I watch a Youtuber who has two Frenchie dogs. One has a finicky appetite so she cooks chicken breast for her and adds it to her kibble. She said she bought a hand mixer for exactly what you're talking about--shredding the meat and she said it works great! I wondered about it but now that you've confirmed it I think it's a great tip! 

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@JeanLouiseFinch   I've been doing that for several years and it works like a charm.  Yes, it works for pork too.

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I do this to add eggs, onions and seasonings to ground meat also, doing it by hand my hands would always get so cold from the meat right out of the fridge.

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@JeanLouiseFinch Good to know, was wondering if the hand mixer would work.  Will be getting out the Kitchenaid hand held soon Smiley Happy

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Yes, it's the only way I do this. No messy hands.

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For those of you that do this, do you have/use a special attachment or just use the regular beaters?
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@JeanLouiseFinchGreat idea!I will try this

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@whatsmyname wrote:
For those of you that do this, do you have/use a special attachment or just use the regular beaters?

Just the regular beaters on the hand mixer.  In the big stand mixer, I think the paddle is recommended but I'm not 100% sure on that.  

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@JeanLouiseFinch ..... THANK YOU for posting this tip.  I just did it for first time using chicken breasts also.  I used my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with the hook (for bread dough?) attachment ....perfect!!!!  I imagine hand mixer works good too with regular beaters.  Great tip!  I'm trying a new recipe for baked chicken sandwiches....if a winner I will post it.