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We are having monthly pot luck luncheons and I need some suggestions along with recipes.



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i would check with the others to make sure that you bring something different.  i hate it when a pot luck has 4 desserts and nothing else.

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What kind of heating options will you have?  Stove vs. microwave?

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One thing I used to like bringing to our pot lucks was a big green salad. Bring the dressing in a separate container , and let people add their own. This time of year the veggies are plentiful, and the salad made a nice addition to the other rich choices.

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Watermelon cut in spears, HOMEMADE potato salad, homemade rice krispy bars, sliced tomatoes, onions, iceburg lettuce leafs for ganishing the inevitable cold cuts that always show up, Bruegger's bagels (cut) and cream cheeses.   One of my coworkers came up with a list of things that are not special and show no effort that are not OK to bring.  Like bagged chips, packaged cookies, a six pack of pop...

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Creamy cucumber salad.  Recipes on food websites.  

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Slow cooker swedish, grape jelly/chili sauce or BBQ meatballs.  All sorts of recipes out there - you can use frozen meatballs.  Slow cooker ""cheesy potatoes".


Antipasto Pasta Salad from all

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In the winter, I like to bring a big slow cooker full of stew/soup.  I can keep it at food-safe temperatures in the slow cooker.  I've even bought Costco tortilla soup and add-ins like cheese, tortilla strips and lime and heated the soup in my slow cooker.  Usually soup is a big hit in the winter.

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I’ve been making this for probably over 15 years now. Everyone always asks for it again. You can google the recipe- it’s everywhere. Strawberry Pretzel Salad. Most people would never guess the crust is pretzels. 



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I always take Meatballs. I buy WM brand originals, mix 1 jar of chili sauce and one can cranberry sauce.  Throw in a small crock pot on low.  Done and done.