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My mom used to make wonderful nut horns and I don't have her recipe.  I have found several online which are all pretty similiar, except some call for walnuts and some call for pecans.  I can't remember what she used, so was just curious what nut others used.  Thank you!

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We always used walnuts in our nut horn recipe.

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@Knit-Chick........I don't know if there's still a recipe around, but I do know that my mother always used walnuts. BTW, nut horns are too delicious......can't stop at just one, lol. Good luck with yours and Happy Holidays!

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Walnuts or pecans but I bet almonds would work as well.

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I had to look these up and now want a dozen!


Does anyone have a favorite recipe they can share?



There are SO many online I can't tell which is a good one.


TIA !!!!!

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If you go, they have a recipe called Mom's Nut Horns. They do look delicious.

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I wasn't familiar with them so I looked them up.They look a lot like Rugelach.

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i'm also familiar with rugelach which are delish


since it is a jewish pastry - nut horn is more generic name?


i really dont know

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@Suzeecat  thank you!  I'm 99% sure now that my mom also used walnuts.  I don't think I remember her every using pecans in anything.  Thanks so much taking time to respond Smiley Happy


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@RNbynite thanks so much!  I'm pretty sure my mom used walnuts too.  That was 40 years ago - making them with her in the basement kitchen.  I've been missing her alot lately and was thinking about her cookies.  Thank you again, appreciate it Smiley Happy