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Shayna, just got through making the mashed potatoes . . . unfortunately (which happens to me a lot in cooking) I added a tad too much milk so I added a small sprinkling of box stuffing . . . delicious! Can't wait to try this tomorrow. So glad you are feeling better and thanks again for the recipe. Have a great day!

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On 4/23/2015 misspammie said:

KATEY, haven't read the thread yet, but I saw your title and said "yoi yoi",,,,my mother used to make these for me for a very special occasion,,,I never did because they were so messy...and really hadn't learned to cook yet. I'm anxious to read on.! bless you for starting this thread!!

Misspammie you're welcome. My Mother no longer here made these for us a Kids. She passed away at age 42 so all the recipes she made I try to replicate from memory. I started this thread because I don't remember what she put in hers.

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How about adding a splash of Tobasco Sauce or Louisiana Hot Sauce? Might add a dash of flavor, for those folks who feel they are too bland.

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