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@Zhills wrote:

Pork with lots of fat and salt...what exactly is bacon?  

Doesn't taste anything like bacon!

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@arrabella wrote:

@Zhills wrote:

Pork with lots of fat and salt...what exactly is bacon?  

Doesn't taste anything like bacon!

or chicken.

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Compared content...not taste!  Pork, fat & salt.

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Omg and not trying to be rude,but I would rather eat toenails than spam.the smell is beyond I can handle
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Hey, everybody, How does it taste compaired to those cans of Deviled ham?  I think,  when I was a kid, I had a taste of spam right out of the can and coudn't imagine a sandwich of the stuff.  Good to know it's better pan fried.  Might try it agin.

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@candys mine 

Taste wise, I don't think you can compare Spam to deviled ham.  Even when I shred Spam on a box grater and turn it into a sandwich spread, the taste is still uniquely the same, even tho the texture is closer to the soft deviled ham product.   

My theory is that you either like Spam or you don't, and whatever opinion you formed about it many years ago stays with you, and rarely changes.  But Spam is best when it's fried!


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I remember the spam thing growing up in the 70's, my Mom used to make it for us kids and our friends so much (we ended up getting sick of it) she ended up with the nick-name "Spammy" even our friends called her that - she thought it was so funny.

A few years ago however, I bought a couple cans sliced it up and pan fried it and than put a slice of muenster cheese on it and put it in a hamburger bun. It was good. So every now and than I will buy it and either use the muenster cheese or provolone on it.

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FRIED SPAM ROCKS!  It's a staple here; people swap Spam recipes.  Teriyaki spam is so ono!!!!

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All I know is that they show commercials for it whenever I'm watching Food Network. It looks just like ham to me