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I’m 70, retired this spring from bedside nursing. I always worked the nite shift so evening meals were early & simple.

Now I am so fortunate now to hav a beautiful home & a great kitchen to cook & bake in. Something weird is going on tho—I can’t bring myself to make the fabulous recipes I hav collected fr years & yearned to make!

We don’t go out to eat my hubs is disabled & my daughter travels fr work. My teen granddaughter is with her father during the week. So it’s still the same fast & simple meals i hav always prepared.

I need to shake things up & use my recipes!!!
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I was married to a professional chef ( written up in Gourmet magazine as one of the 10

best in the country). I love to cook....but not everyday. I learned it all from him....knive skills, ingredients ,etc.....hardly ever use recipe but I have tons ot cookbooks.

I get takeout once a week but get hungry for my own cooking.......I would give anything 

to have his prime rib again!