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Re: Calling all Vitamix lovers!

You should go to the official Vitamix site where they have FAQs re your question. It will invove vinegar, warm water, and after letting it stand, then scrubbing.

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Re: Calling all Vitamix lovers!

There is a facebook page that someone posted on here a while back that I joined. It is called "Blender lady".  She is a vitamix demonstrator and she has some good hints on how to clean a cloudy blender jar, some great recipes etc. A great page. You might check it out.

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Re: Calling all Vitamix lovers!

I have the Vitamix I bought from the Q for 5 years now, I use it everyday. I make smoothies, nut butters, salad dressings, soups( especially creamed soups), frozen yogurt,crush ice for slurpies, mix up waffle and pancake batter, it just goes on and on. I really would not want to be without my Vitamix.

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Re: Calling all Vitamix lovers!

When I called Vitamix I was told to put some vinegar and water in the container and then turn it on, like when you just wast the inside of the Vitamix.   My container came out very clear.


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Re: Calling all Vitamix lovers!

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Was gifted a Vitamix and we all hated it.


#1 Too loud it annoyed everyone when it was on so had restrictions when I could use it .


Eample when to use  it was when everyone was out of the house.


#2 Shook too much when used.


#2 When it was in use the Vitamix moved across the kitchen counter.


Finally ended up cutting the electrical cord and trashing it when it also began making weird motor problem sounds and did not function properly.


To me just not worth the hype or the money wasted so even as a gift the giftor did not want it back and I would not donate or give it to anyone else with all the complaints and problems using it which we all encountered, so I took it to the trash and took out my trusty Oster multifunction blender, and really love it now. I did keep the 2 containers and can use them for other things even without the vitamix.


My Oster with 7 fundtions keeps working like a champ so to me that says it all.


My Oster  Multifunction blender is really a keeper, also chops ice and makes snow for snow cones, and the family loves it so can use it anytime with no restrictions or complaints.


Adios Vitamix, and hello again Oster Multifunction chopper/blender!

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Re: Calling all Vitamix lovers!

I have the dry grain jar I guess you call it?? I grind all types of flour concoctions! Wheat berries mixed w flax seeds has been my latest adventure. Being diabetic, I don't use ap flour. almond flour made right before baking w it is so easy! All flours come out so fine (if ground long enoughLOL!)