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Lucy has a baking page on FB. She loved to do dishes, so I mailed her some crocheted dishcloths I made. She acknowledged getting them on her page. She was 98 years old. I just learned that Lucy passed away about 3:00 this morning. So sad. She will be missed. They are still going to do her cookbook. Her son in law, Phil said the books were being mailed tomorrow.  He will update us later about the cookbook. If you haven't visited her page and videos check it out. Mary is her daughter and Lucy lived with her. Lucy will be missed. 

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@Barbarainnc   I was not familar with her facebook page, but sad to hear that she is gone.  I checked out some of the recipes on her site, and they look very good.  Even the picture for fruitcake looks delicious, and the recipe is listed.


I will check out her page - thank you for posting. 

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