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Back Fence Ladies cookbook from years ago

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Was wondering if any of you have been posting since 2005, 2006? I have found at my Mom's house screen prints of recipes from people from these boards when emails were allowed and also a cookbook from The Back Fence Ladies. Would be fun to see if anyone is still around before these boards are gone. 

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Re: Back Fence Ladies cookbook from years ago

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I have 318 pages of Holiday Goodie recipes from 2005. The recipes were posted on Q during a Holiday recipe swap. Adeli & kbd1225 set up a website to post all of them on. I don't remember where.

I also have 27 pages of Cookie & Candy recipes posted on Q from 2006 which were all posted on Angelfire.

I also have all the recipes that Hollee posted on the BB Recipes site from 2005-2006.  Recipes from beef, pork pasta, desserts, cakes, cookies, fish, soups, veggies etc.

It took a while to copy & paste all the recipes.

I don't remember the Back Fence Ladies cookbook. My account shows I registered in 2010?

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Re: Back Fence Ladies cookbook from years ago

2010 was the year QVC redid the boards, so that is the earliest anyone shows right now.  You probably were around before that date.