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Any new finds for Aldi's or Kroger's?
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I meant any
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@finewoman wrote:
Any new finds for Aldi's or Kroger's?



 I have to go feed the cats but I'll be back later. I just made out my Aldi shopping list. Lots of new seasonal items in the store.


Bremer's Shepherd Pie, the eagerly awaited savory organic pumpkin seed bread (i'll have 4 in my freezer before they're gone) canned yams (so perfect with fall greens like Brussels sprouts) ... More ...

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I was at Aldi's today and it was busy and I mean really busy but they only had 1 checker and another came for only a short amount of time.

Paying $15.50 / hour!!!


Oh a lot of NEW!!!!


one whole aisle of fall related.

apple cider oreo's   brownie caramel oreo's

pumpkin cake rolls

lots of new fall cookies and candy

lots of new mixes to make fall cookies and cakes


Kirkwood chicken breasts filled with jalepeno filling

so you think they're spicy, not really, just a good taste.

2 per package  bake 375 for 38 minutes....Just Delicious!!!

also chicken kiev and one other


Jalepeno tater tots    rather expensive at $3.99 package


lots of fall fall pastries to bake....lots of applie kuchens etc.

i bought the apple and cherry last year,, didn't buy any this year, they were good once around but not again this year.


Aldi's bulk pork sausage is very good, has a great taste and to me, better than some of the name brand.  Usually hidden, ours is at the bottom of the case, really need to look for it.


Pancakes on a stick with sausage inside...a favorite of school kids, just heat and dip in syrup.


Not sure if you have them or not but they are advertising Wallbergers hamburgers....Jenny McCarthy's husband and brother's company.  For some reason I love the hamburgers, bought 2 packages, $6.99 and Kroger has them for $9.99.  Love Aldi's.


too much new lately, salted caramels covered in chocolate, lots of Halloween candy, lot os Halloween like individual packated Oreo's, small packages of pretzels by Snyders.    My favorite Caramel Apple Suckers.


Went to look since it's a new ad today, came out with $40 plus of food.


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Phillips Seafood Crab and Spinich Seafood Dip


Just horrible.


As a matter of fact, don't buy anything from this company, tastes terrible all their stuff.

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@finewoman   it's not a new find but something that everyone else was out of. Pumpkin purée - Aldi had cases of it!

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Good to know about Aldis sausage. I always passed it up.

I am trying their pumpkin spice cocoa and pumpkin spice lattes for Keurigs. Also got Apple Cider spread and Pumpkin Butter. Well, after all, it is PUMPKIN SPICE season. Loved the Zits cartoon today. Dad and son holding each other and saying they can get through mom brought in Pumpkin Spice Chicken Wings.