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Cotton blends used by Quacker?

I was wondering if anyone knows why Quacker Factory most often uses either just all cotton or a cotton/poly blend, and hardly ever adds any stretch/spandex.   (I know they do occasionally, but not often.)


Just curious.

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Re: Cotton blends used by Quacker?

I am so glad that they DO use cotton or cotton poly blend. I willl not wear a shirt that has spandex in it. I live in Arizona and the spandex makes material soooo rubbery like latex that it does not breathe. Cotton/spandex IMO is  not soft and pills easily. Just looks cheap. 

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Re: Cotton blends used by Quacker?

Contact the QF lady & ask her!

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Re: Cotton blends used by Quacker?

Maybe to have something just a little different to appeal to a different set of buyers?


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Re: Cotton blends used by Quacker?

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Maybe QVC and QF recognize that not everyone likes a lot of spandex in tops.  Variety and options.  Some women love spandex and hate the cotton/poly blend and others are the opposite.  I think there is a market for both. 


 I personally don't purchase tops with spandex in them.  I prefer cotton/poly blends.  I love the Allison Daley brand I purchase at Dillard's.  They are either 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend.  They wash beautifully, don't pill, retain their shape and color.  I just purchased two today on sale!

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Re: Cotton blends used by Quacker?

I like D&C 95 cotton/5 spandex tops - good quality and material feels good on.  Other brands in the stores - not so much; again because of the feel of the material.  I don't usually like 100% cotton; strinkage, can be thick and heavy or very thin.  I do like a 60/40 cotton/poly blend.  Also like coltton/modal.  I like Susan Graver's 95/5 poly/span (liquid knit).  Quality of the material is much better than I find elsewhere.


As to the quality of Quaker Factory tops, in most cases the qualilty is very good.

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Re: Cotton blends used by Quacker?

I think they mostly use a cotton/poly blend.....