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Quacker Factory Stud Heart

Do the studs on your Quacker Factory hearts always fall off?


Gosh, I know that they give you a packet so that you can replace them, but I think they should put them on better so they don't fall off, don't put the heart on the clothes at all, OR change the heart maybe from studs to embroidery, etc.

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Re: Quacker Factory Stud Heart

Mine rarely fall off, but I wash the items inside out and hang them to dry. 

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Re: Quacker Factory Stud Heart

   I agree I would prefer an embroidered heart in a silvery sparkly thread. I love the studs but they do eventually fall off.

   I machine wash my Dreamjeannes inside out on a cold gentle cycle & hang to dry.The studs last longer but eventually do fall off.I wear my tops over rather than tucked so nobody can see it anyway.


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Re: Quacker Factory Stud Heart

@hutchIII.  If you'll look at the care instructions for the Dream Jeanne pants, you'll see they reccommend hand washing.  This is to keep the crystals from falling off.  We all know nobody wants to hand wash their casual pants so most people machine wash and dry and let the crystals fall where they may.  Very few people tuck in their shirts so the heart doesnt show anyway and so it's no big deal.

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Re: Quacker Factory Stud Heart

I've had very few stones fall off....


I actuall accidently washed a white T shirt with stones and studs on it in the washer with hot water and a little bleach.....I was afraid that I ruined it....but not one stone or stud came off..