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I was watching In The Kitchen and there was a "one show only" deal on bagels.   I put my choice in my cart.   When I tried to buy it, I got a message stating that I was unable to buy the item in my area!   It is made in NYC and I am in upstate NY!    I called the CS operater who told me that the system was having a problem and even she could not over ride it.   I should try later.   I kept trying to no avail.  Finally, when the sale price expired, the system magically corrected itself.   Imagine that!   What a scam!

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Call customer service back and explain your situation. Maybe they will honor the sale price? At worst, they will tell you no. Surely they have a record of your last call to them. 

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You can order direct from NYC shops - and skip the QVC middleman.  My (late) brother lived in WV and ordered both his bagels and knshes direct.


Google and check it out! 


(Fortunately, I just have to walk around the corner to buy mine.)

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@NYwoman  They were definitely having problems with the system today. If you look at the questions posted on the product item page, several people asked the same question. I agree with @reviewer from sc that you will be able to get help from CS.

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Scam, I doubt that.

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Re: what a scam!

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I recently had that message on an order for the first time since I started shopping here 30 years ago.


What I was told was that message appears when an item has sold out before we could check out.


Why the message doesn't simply say 'sold out' is beyond my understanding.


Just another one of our QVC website glitches I guess, makes no sense to me.

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People often get that address message when the item has sold out but their computer has not yet caught up.   What possible motive would they have to sell something then not let you buy it?  Hardly a scam. 

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@NYwoman You are one of many here who, when encountering a glitch or problem, start yelling "SCAM"! Ridicuous.


Order directly from the seller's website and calm down.

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annoying but no bagel shops in upstate NY

here there is a bagel shop on every corner...

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Ordering from ventor's website works often get stuck with shipping charges (I've check several)

Food with QVC is 'usually' free shipping.


Guess the bottom line badly do you want the product immediately or wait a spell.