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@Jannyg wrote:

It's a shopping channel.  Their job is to sell us items not to entertain us.



@Jannyg    Mike George himself has said part of their job is to entertain.  Problem is, a huge chunk of time selling stuff we don't want to buy.  How many vacuums, Vitamixes, mattresses does a person need?
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Re: the man's boring

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@Reever wrote:

@Jannyg wrote:

It's a shopping channel.  Their job is to sell us items not to entertain us.

Many of us like to keep the channel on as background noise. We like to watch these people as friends, not salespeople. I believe that I should what the original poster meant. We want to hear stories of the hosts lives. QVC is more than a shopping channel to many older viewers who have been customers since the 90s. 



While QVC's CEO has referred to QVC as both a shopping channel and entertainment, the hosts are definitely NOT my friends....they are just SALES PEOPLE doing a job. .That's an old sales gimmick making you think the hosts are your BFF's so you will buy more since that's your buddy on the TV screen....Well that gimmick just doesnt work for me and lot of customers out there....thats why their financial reports arent that hot...


.I dont want to hear in depth reports on their personal lives, and reports on their kids etc....I want to hear information about the PRODUCTS they are offering for sale...I don't watch QVC because the host pretend they are my BFF.......

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They are not family to me. I understand that for some people, QVC is almost a lifeline. I'm glad that those folks do have something to watch and enjoy. But I fear that the idea that QVC is anything more than a retailer can cause them to buy more than they normally would.

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I go back the the days of CVN. Many of us are loyal subscribers and consumers. We should be treated better. Mike George needs to understand we are the bulk of the QVC base. We like diversity in products plus entertainment and stories. We do NOT like one hour presentations of Dyson Vaccums or endless airings of one product all day long.

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@SunValleyLOL please no, can't take anymore fast talking and dancing around the set.Woman HappyHeart

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@Reever, And they take advantage of people that think that way.

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