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I had Calista on and it was live on QVC...and it went to the TSV and it was a prviously recorded opf TSV. 

Wondered if was problem with live presentation?  just curious.  I guess when you have a live presentation there can be a problem at any time

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Wondering the same thing. Julia said we have to take a break will be right back. Maybe weather issues?


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I just posted a thread on this too, sorry must have been typing at the same time.

Weird, wonder what's up?

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Re: strange....

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Severe thunderstorms in the Philadelphia area may have created problems in the studio perhaps?


Julia seemed a bit confused about the break.

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makes sense

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I was wondering the same thing. A sudden “uhh..we’ll be right back” from the host, and then they switch to a pre-recorded TSV presentation. I hope everything is OK!
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Tornado warnings in the area also.