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Does anyone else have problems sometimes with the program guide? I noticed sometimes it’s off by an hour. I just looked at it and it had Q at noon at 1100. So I don’t trust looking at it days ahead.
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Sometimes the time zone for where you live is off. Go to the bottom of the program guide and check your time zone, which can be easily corrected

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@ShortyLugNut    You must adjust the time zone to match your own everytime you check it.

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Seriously every time? That’s so stupid!
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Re: Program Guide

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@ShortyLugNut - I set a bookmark for the guide and use that instead of navigating through the website to make sure it always reflects my time zone. If you want to do the same, just enter the link below in your browser, replace "eastern" with your time zone if needed, and create a bookmark.


ETA: And here's the weekly guide link if you need it: