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What am I missing about Carolyn and Gary and the squirrels???  It is getting old and out of hand IMO!  Otherwise Carolyn is a great host.  I especially like the questions she asked the vendors and she describes things so well.

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It has been going on much too long.  What might have been amusing at first, has run its course.

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I think Gary would give them up without a fight, but Carolyn seems attached.

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I think it started as just a funny little gag about a stuffed squirrel (Gary had) named Acorn, They would have a little dialogue with Acorn and then at some point, Carolyn Gracie got one named Nutsy. 



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Re: squirrels????

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@bargainsgirl    Don't tell us customers, we don't have  anything to do with the squirrels.  Go to Carolyn's Facebook page, which is public, and tell her.

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It all started years ago when Carolyn would pick on Gary about getting "squirreled" during presentations (easily distracted, getting off topic, short attention span). 


It comes from the animated movie "Up" where a dog gets easily distracted when he sees a squirrel.


For those who don't like the squirrel stuff, it's not going anywhere.


Carolyn has stated this time and again on the Facebook page.  She even takes the toy squirrel on vacation with her and takes pictures.  The people eat it up over there.


Also, she has mentioned on air and online that she and Gary are working on a children's book about Acorn that would come with a toy squirrel that everyone could buy from QVC.


She said she hoped it would be out holiday 2023. 


The QVC Facebook fans went crazy for it.


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The squirrels are Carolyn's thing.  Her fans love it, so there you go,

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I don't mind the squirrel talk.  There are several things that hosts talk about that annoy me more than that.

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I don't watch Carolyn.  Don't mind Gary.  That squirrel thing has been run to death and when she talked baby talk to that squirrel, I quit watching her.  She has a bossy, condescending way about her that I don't like.

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I got a big laugh when Pat brought her squirrel to a show.