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Sorry to continue with the slightly off-topic chain here, but I also only buy 100% cotton sheets and can't deal with the feeling of the finish on wrinkle-free versions. Although my sheets are typically slightly wrinkled when they go on the bed, I figure they pretty much end up in that state within a minute of laying on them anyway, and then the lights are off and my eyes are closed, so I just don't bother with ironing or stressing about such things anymore. I simply enjoy my soft, smooth sheets...  Smiley Very Happy

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FYI...............Most wrinkle-free or wrinkle resistant sheets are “finished” with a chemical process to keep them from wrinkling. That chemical process generally includes the use of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is predominantly used as an embalming fluid — as a way to preserve something


So that's why folks tell me I don't look my age.  And here I thought I had "good genes." Smiley LOL


Ooo, I need to order me some of those sheets @Mz iMac.

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Wrinkle-Free anything is loaded with chemicals. No thanks!

Exactly!  After working somewhere with uniforms with all those chemical finishes, no thanks.  They have caused all sorts of health issues for so many.

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Do they still make "percale" sheets? They were 50 cotton and 50 poly. Those were the absolute best! The weave was very tight, and they were always so smooth. I say, "Bring them back and quit messing with them!".

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Re: Wrinkle Free Sheets

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I would never by wrinkle free sheets.  Too many chemicals on them. Some of them anyway.  I prefer 100% supima or Egyptian cotton  sheets made in Italy. But all my likes and wants aside, I always see wrinkle free sheets.  If you can't find them on qvc, try HSN or overstock. Stock may be low right now because of pandemic.  Seems there is more wrinkle free than not


I do iron my sheets.  Only thing I ever iron.  Love the feel of freshly ironed cotton sheets. Like satin!   Sometimes I pay my granddaughter to do it.  Once in a while I just throw them on the bed I ironed.  The next day they seem to loosen up, not so wrinkly.  I don't stuff all the sheets in dryer at once.  Take out when slightly damp.  

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Yes they do make Percale sheets and I am a fan.  I have even searched and found the top 10 Brands with descriptions.

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My sheets are 200-300% cotton and really don't wrinkle that much. If wrinkles are present they iron themselves out after folding. 

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'I don't know why', but the older sheets of yesterday that I still use never seem to have wrinkled.


Some are cotton percale.  Others are a mix of cotton/poly.  Most from JC Penney, Macy's.


I can't figure out why the newer sheets tend to wrinkle unless they are 'special', more costly sheets.


Anyway, I'm not a fan of chemically treated sheets and pillowcases.  



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