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Where is Nancy? Her host picture remains. so where is she???

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Well it is summer so maybe she's on vacation.  If she's still on the host page then she is still a host.  They are entitled to time off ya know.

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She was on one of the recent gold day shows.

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She still works there, it is my understanding she is doing some work behind the scenes.


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If you are so inclined to know the whereabouts of a host, try FB.  Plenty of info.  She posted this to a response.  


"Are you still working on QVC I haven’t seen you lately???"


Nancy:  "As far as I know, we’ll be live just on Main. And re-air popular programming."

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She's probably vacationing.  But I hope she's alright.

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@Miss Pepsi Oh yeah, doing what behind the scenes

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She is prepping for her two shows tomorrow (8/26) morning.


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She went live on Instagram a couple of hours ago discussing jewelry with Isaac Mizrahi.  She calls herself our "QVC Lifestyle

Expert" now.