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Thank you QVC.  Thanks for being a Company that listens!!! 

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@kitcat51, what does this mean, no what ?  

Did you read the OP thread questions? My answer is no...that's what it means.


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I'm skeptical. 🧐

Many posters said that QVC could have waited until after the holidays to close the boards..

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I think everyone should be happy as QVC will keep your identity private more so than FB or the other site everybody is talking about.

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Hoping it's not just a temporary reprieve; but I am skeptical.

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I would have posted the Peanuts cartoons of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown over and over, but they're copyrighted. 

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@PatriciaG wrote:

Do you think they really heard us?  Are they going to keep the forums?

@PatriciaG   My Dad used to say "Never look a gift horse in the mouth".

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Within a week, QVC announced they were shutting down the threads, then realized the impact to many who post here, as well as to them, and decided not to. They could have shut down immediately with no notice at all. I'm just grateful they changed their minds for whatever reason. Nothing is carved in stone and, of course, they could decide to close again, or not. JMO, but I see no reason to blame or hold grudges. We all have choices. I signed up with the new board just to see if it was a place I'd go to once it closed here. I won't log off there, just in case. My choice, though,  is to continue to post here as always, as long as I'm able to. Thank you QVC...

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They will close eventually.  Next time, I doubt they will give notice.  Be prepared.

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Just in case I joined the new board and i joined the FB we love qvc page.  The FB page is definitely not a substitute for this forum.  It has no organization.  Within days of joining my notifications were flooded with posts from that page.  I had to turn it off, it was FB litter to me.  I choose to check out QVC items.  I do not want to be inundated with posts that have no interest for me.  SO QVC DECISION MAKERS that page is just litter to me.  For you it may be a data mine, and that may be your point.  But it is not a community and it is not a substitute for this forum.