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I like Vanessa too....and like that she shares she talked to the vendors ahead of time and learned about the products....she's very pleasant and continues to grow as a host and has gotten more comfortable in her role and even better from the last time i saw her.....recently she did a jewelry show and was very very good! 

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I think Vanessa is a lovely host BUT in last late night, early this morning Carol Hochman show she die not do a good job of showing all the colors of the various options, just kinda rolled through the rack showing the top and not talking about all the colors in the patterned crop pants, etc.  Hopefully someone who is coaching her along will mention this to her because that's what we need/want to see.  She could probably slow down her talking as well.  But over all, she is very nice and beautiful, but please someone teach her to point out particulars in the items she is presenting rather than breezing through them.

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Sorry, but the three new hosts, Monifa, Rosina and Vanessa clearly do not represent what QVC once used to be, with regard to the quality of the hosts that was QVC. I don't watch any shows that they are on. Even if they are hosts on the few shows that I still watch. I'm not sure what the 'new' QVC is doing, but they are doing without me. Really sad, they used to be my go to place to shop. Now they are just a footnote for my online shopping. 

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I'm not sure how that skillset translates to selling on a shopping network.She is very dull and boring to me. Unfortunately, I have to change the channel. If it's a line that I want to shop, I do it on line. Sadly, she's not the only one. I blame QVC.

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I've been watching QVC for over 20 years and I can say that Vanessa is one that will keep an audience.

Watching her is like seeing a really good friend or family member show you things she likes.

Her voice is smooth and friendly.

I saw her tonight transition from a caller that didn't "pick up" when she tried to talk, and she didn't miss a beat. 


She's a rarity in someone so young to the business of presenting on TV.

Give her better times and designers!!!

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Vanessa is awesome! I wonder why they took her off with Shawn. I thought they worked well together.
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I don't watch QVC much any more, but I have seen Vanessa a few times, mostly with Shawn and I have enjoyed her!!

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Vanessa is great...I agree! Her voice is so relaxing to me, very melodious and calming. 💚