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I ordered an item to be sent as a gift.  All went well until I went to payment when my card kept getting declined with a message saying to call Customer Service.


So I call and she gets order through without a problem.  Asks if I want a message sent and I say yes and tell her.  On her end she can't place the same message I could on my end.  What??  Ok, so shortened an already short message.


I hang up with her and go back to shopping and now I'm out of my account and show as a guest.  It took several times signing in to get here.  


The Q has always had problems with their website and seems like it always will.  Shopping at other online sites works so seamlessly and yet here there are still issues.


I just had to vent a little as it gets frustrating.  You all go on and have a nice day.

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The website has been a mess for about one year! They still have an apology up for delays in shipping. Good grief! 

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I feel your pain.  Yesterday, my credit card was declined twice on the same order because it supposedly was out of date. I was advised to call CS.  Instead, I "added a credit card" by entering the same card number, the same expiration date, and the same security code as the card that was just declined. Voila! The order went through.  Lately, I have tried to think like the cranky website with which we are dealing. Who knows what is going on? I sure don't, but I figure I will play along.

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I emailed again yesterday morning listing the issues we're having with this site. I did receive a reply w/ apologies and that they're working to straighten out the site problems and it has been turned over to the tech team.


Of course, now they also have the problem of duplicate charges and refunds on credit cards. I have 4 on my card. Only 3 duplicates have been refunded so far. I searched back and found one in Nov. even though my email stated Jan. dates. I urge you to check statements for several months.