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We have Tara talking as fast as possible to get the product information out to the viewers. Then randomly, gibberish is sprinkled throughout the presentation with phrases like, "Love, love, love"! Or " What about this guy"? Referring to a baking dish. At this point, we are no longer shopping as we are giggling. And once again, no woodland taupe in anything that was presented tonight. 

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David with Tara has become almost unbearable to watch. David either throws in some random comment about what low carb low sugar food he would put his Temptations or tells her how to improve the recipe. The segment is about the bakeware and not David. And I get what you are saying about the designs. There are so many but only a handful stick around all the time. I've resigned myself to picking one of the popular designs that I'm not a fan of because I know they won't disappear in a couple of months.
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@Northerngal  I think David has had to change up his hosting style, it's still a work in progress for him because of the change in what he now eats but I wish he'd leave off his faux nutritionist hat because to me it just seems to not make sense in what he's selling.

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I find the Temptations shows to be really boring and repetitive--just different pieces with the same designs and same comments like here are the colors and there are ___ number available.  I understand the line has been popular for years, but I don't care for most of the patterns.  I think they should do more to develop solid colors.

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Exaclty!  I started collecting the Woodland Taupe and now it is gone.  Why?  Colors can be added but why take a common color away?  I am seriously disgusted with the decision.  At least let people know that it is retiring before it is pulled.