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@jlrbr wrote:
AS,SB, and Susan Graver......last evening. It was migraine worthy, one host just can't let anyone else have any say whatsoever. Yes, I changed the channel. And have sworn off any show with this host.

@jlrbr  Glad you brought this up.  I turned over while a commercial was on the channel that I was watching and you nailed it.  They were all talking at once and Sandra just wouldn't shut up........telling about the UPS driver that yelled at her and on and on.  Quickly went back to my show, commercial or not!

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@Mombo1 wrote:

@jlrbr   Agree.  Some need to just stop and take a breath.  The other annoying habit is the "gasps".   Too much drama.    

@Mombo1   Alberti and Rachel are the worst during the food shows.  Can't take them together or alone.  Way too much drama.

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There is a host that recently has taken over the garden shows.  She evidently

is growing almost everything they sell in her yard.  She never takes a breathe 

and rambles on and talks over the vender that is trying to tell you about the plants. 

I can only take about 5 minutes of this and find myself yelling at the TV for her to be

quiet and let the person talk.  

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It happens with both QVC and HSN!!! All the gasping and fakeness is getting pretty ridiculous!!!!  HSN has one host in particular that is ALWAYS going nuts with her hair, REALLY!!!! I find it unwatchable and I just don't watch...... I shop on line, but its a rarity!!

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I dislike the 'talking over' also. However, I have noticed on Zoom calls I'm on there is a lag or delay in the system that makes it seem like we are talking over one another. 

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@Goldengate8361 wrote:

I don't mind it on QVC, but I hate it in real life....I also just hate it when people just keep talking and never let another person jump in the conversations. 

I have a sister who does that!  She also interrupts in mid-word of what I was saying.  We all have tried and tried to tell her how rude it is to to that in a nice way and she just keeps doing it and says oh sorry sorry.  When she does that and interrupts, I ask her "Is this the Char show?" (her name) and she stops immediately Smiley Happy

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One host who shall be nameless has become so over-confident that she interrupts constantly, but her mis-pronunciation of some names is very annoying.  My current 'favorite' is Ibeeza blue.  The island of Ibiza is pronounced Ibeetha.  She mispronounced the flowet anemone, and various others.  Does anyone ever check this, even after a show, in order to correct this for the next time?  Apparently not!  

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@mcducky wrote:

I dislike the 'talking over' also. However, I have noticed on Zoom calls I'm on there is a lag or delay in the system that makes it seem like we are talking over one another. 

I can relate to this. I attend meetings and trainings with people I've never met before. The host will ask a question. Everyone waits, then everyone tries to talk at once. It's like being at a four-way stop!  Smiley Wink

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I'm not a fan of zoom. Of course, it is not a replacement for meeting in person. I think some love it but it can get really overwhelming in terms of overloaded senses, all talking at once. I think I would rather just facetime. or here's a novel idea-call on the phone! 

Yeah I know those "important" business meetings blah blah are they all so important or just another way to show power? 

Oh forgive me-a gripe of mine-people's need to be oh so important all these business meetings really a lot of them just a power play.

We survived quite well before all these meetings by social media. I think they have increased since zoom.

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