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Am I the only one that is getting very frustrated with people talking over each other? I miss half of what each person is saying and then the interrupter has to ask the other person to repeat what they said which makes the exchange a lot longer than necessary. I won't name anyone but there are a few hosts that do this on a regular basis and it's annoying. Please! Give the other person time to finish what they are saying THEN respond. You may find they had something important to say?

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There is a lot of what you describe.  I think it is most prevalent in shopping hours with 2 hosts.  They have to tell their personal stories or point-of-view or just try to be clever or "cool."  Another reason to feature only one host on a shopping segment. 

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This is a complaint that has popped up often over the years.  With that being said the complaint is a valid one and one which continues with certain hosts.  Those who are rude, interrupt, talk over and monopolize are annoying to watch and therefore I mostly shop on the Q site if I shop at all.  There will always be that type of host in my opinion and while I agree with the complaint I avoid watching certain hosts and as I said, shop on the site. Obviously if this has been an ongoing complaint, QVC  isn't losing sleep over it!!!!

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I find this a HUGE problem when calling any doctor's office, customer line for any help on their products, etc.  No one will let you complete your sentence and thought and they've already jumped in and began yapping away.  Can't tell you how many times I have to say "you're not letting me finish what I need to say."  Of course, I make no friends that way but ....

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I don't mind it on QVC, but I hate it in real life....I also just hate it when people just keep talking and never let another person jump in the conversations. 

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I think it is more prevalent today because of the skyping.  There is a time delay and it is hard to tell when the other person has stopped talking or just hesitated for a second.


Im not of fan of the skyping at all.

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@FLGranny   no doubt the shopping channels are terribly guilty, but I think unless only one person has access to a microphone, the urge to talk must be overwhelming for all of them.

 Just last night, an old hour of the third hour of Today was broadcast-  3 women with so much overtalking, I turned them off.  (I know that show had to be several years old, but Inhad never seen it.  Too bad It was more annoying than I could tolerate in the middle of the night.)

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A lot of the hosts on QVC are legends in their own mind. They do not know how to censor. I know a lot of viewers like to hear about the husbands, children etc.. Not all of us care. I do not mind a little snippet that's enough.


I watched a show recently where one host went on and on about her parents anniversary, and then tried to sing the wedding song they had. I was embarrassed for her. 

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I think they should have mandatory classes periodically to remove old habits they've acquired along the way. A revisit of good customer service, good manners, not to mention an English class. Stop the cutesy words, phrases, giggles, stories, and stop talking so fast. Common courtesy. And enunciate! Invest in your employees. They aren't Gods, Goddesses or Rock Stars. They're salespeople. Be professional.
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Re: Talking Over Everyone

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QVC has been told this over and over.  One Host who just turned 60?  Is the worst.  I pray she retires early, but I doubt that will happen, as she loves the lime light.  Q is losing sales with me when that happens, because I won't watch and if I don't watch, I don't buy.  I think we have all complained about this, but nothing is ever done.  With sales not that great at the Q, they should be listening to us and try to make changes.