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This very topic was getting on my nerves today during SMQ.  It's not just the hosts though. Susan Graver drives me nuts with her incessant talking when the host is trying to give updates and throughout the entire presentation.  I wish she would just take a breather every now and then. 

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No, you are not the only one. That is why I don't watch some of the so called News Shows, because it's just a bunch of talking heads. I use to find solace in watching QVC, but now they are just as bad. I was watching some of  the Silver Shows on last night with JAI, and who is the host but JT. I immediately changed the channel and watched online for a minute to see if something new was offered. She talks incessantly about "me, myself and her family"...who cares??? Just too much to take and to listen to. QVC has lost their online presence. I don't find this to be the case on HSN, so WHY??? And she is not the only one, just the absolutely worst. I have started to see that some of the hosts are doing the seme things. Are they required to bring/talk about their family to work??? So I will continue to monitor the show hosts and shop online when needed. This is so SAD!!

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AS,SB, and Susan Graver......last evening. It was migraine worthy, one host just can't let anyone else have any say whatsoever. Yes, I changed the channel. And have sworn off any show with this host.
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The overtalking is probably the number one reason I no longer watch more than a few minutes at a time.


Between that, the incessant call outs about how many are being sold, the confusion over colors and on and is, as someone already mentioned, "migraine inducing."


Many hosts seem ill-prepared for their presentations, which adds to the chaos.  Some seem to be yelling all the time.


I tried watching a bit today while spinning, and, sure enough, the two hosts were so hyped up, I had to turn it off. 


I've given up hoping it will change.

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@jlrbr   Agree.  Some need to just stop and take a breath.  The other annoying habit is the "gasps".   Too much drama.    

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I cant watch a certain show Thursday mornings because the clothing owner constantly talks over everyone, even before that went remote.
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Thank you! I was afraid it was just annoying to me. It’s terrible! Watch, if you can stand it for a moment, Rick D. He starts to shake while the vendor is speaking because it’s so hard for him not to start his shouting. I can’t watch him anymore.
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The “farmer” and his wife stories. Annoying.
The mom of the NYC “dancers”. Annoying.
Please, tell us about the products. Period.
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Most of the hosts need to modulate their voices.  Between the screeching, fast talking and talking over the vendors makes it harder to shop.  Be quiet and let me think and please stop telling me to buy two or three.  That's insulting.  If I want/need two or three I can make that decision on my own.  I like QVC................have for many years, do most of my shopping there, but please tone it down.  It used to be exciting, ertertaining and informative, but now I struggle to find out what the product is all about.  And having duos just does not work.  I think the only one that worked well was Pat and Jayne.

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@Gigijean wrote:
The “farmer” and his wife stories. Annoying.
The mom of the NYC “dancers”. Annoying.
Please, tell us about the products. Period.

I like Dan Hughes but even he is getting hard for me to watch. He constantly interrupts with a corny joke while the vendor is trying to explain the product. The stories of him and his wife and the farm are becoming too frequent.