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Looks like she will be selling vitamins and  a health drink.

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Gee, do you think her husband will make an appearance?! Probably will watch only to see what she has to say.  Her heyday was HSN with Colleen...they were really great together.  I don't think she has anything she can sell me anymore.

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I'll pass.

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Re: Suzanne Somers

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Yeh her hubby, Alan Hamel, if he's with her will probably have to come out and get his mug in front of the camera at least once. Saw a photo of the two of them somewhere on-line recently and boy he's seriously showing his age. Looks to me like she's had some work done on her face but her age shows in other places, hands, neck, decollatage (sp?) but I bet she still has that sell sell sell spirit. My age shows too in more places than hers does so I shouldn't squawk but nevertheless I am.

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Her supplement prices on Evine were outrageous, she could never compete with Lessman.

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I was also looking at her prices, I was like, as the young folks say.




That means, no way are you gonna get over on ME!!!

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I'll take a peek tonight. Wish she was selling some clothing/fashions. I like some of the things she wears.

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I'm sorry, I have no respect for her and refuse to support anything she does or sells.  

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She's going to need to display more energy for the Q crowd than she did on Evine.  


Shall see...

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She is so over!!