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QVC sets the prices, NOT SUSAN GRAVER.


This has been discussed for several years.

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Re: Susan Graver

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Sorry when she acts shocked at a markdown it's to suck you in. Isaac does it all the time. What????????

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All the brands of clothing are way overpriced and it will only go up----I buy at my local mall or elsewhere online---

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Her clothes now look like Kmart red light specials.........Can she ever stop talking or stand with her legs together and not apart ??? She drives me nuts and I can't watch her anymore !!

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I was channel surfing this morning to get away from the bad news...  Checked all the shopping channels as I have not been watching for about two weeks....


Susan was on. OMG she was so excited and over the top this morning... talk talk talk... dancing.. singing.. I just could not watch the show and went back to hearing the news ...... Even bad news  was better than listening to the chatter. 

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@SeaMaiden  You are so right!! I watched the Graver show for a bit this morning and instead of taking my mind off everything,I was getting more stressed.  Graver was breathless,talking constantly,plopping herself on the floor. She was making me nervous just watching...but not for long. Click!

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@SeaMaiden  Love your new look!

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@Zaimee wrote:

@SeaMaiden  Love your new look!

@Zaimee   Thank you!  I just felt a  new hair do and color would lift my spirts... oh and a little filler and botox too!

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First of all she did not "discover" the content material of "liquid knit".  She termed the phrase...perhaps did a copyright.  I know one thing her prices have skyrocketed.  Mostly everything is made in China.   We must STOP supporting China's economy.  Made in USA...that's it for me.  Then perhaps the cost will be appropriate.   We must band together as a nation and STOP buying anything made in China......this Covid-19 was "made in China" !!!

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It's lose not loose.