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I have seen her products on various sites - exclusive to QVC??

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Really? What sites? Just names not links.

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Re: Susan Graver

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@iceberg wrote:

Really? What sites? Just names not links.

I thought I would look into this. Never have bought anything from her nor would I. Here is a site where I saw some of her clothing. It also mentions Wal Mart sells her clothing as well. 



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I am always happy when I see their helpers come on when they are not there otherwise Click!


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Yep, her prices a bit much...

Yep, she is a bit much...


I like her line - not everything, of course.

For instance, those overly large florals/prints she does are definitely not my thing!

What I do have of hers is all nicely done though I have to say.

(She says "impeccably done"... ha, sooooo not me.)

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Re: Susan Graver

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Yes, Susan Graver lost it years ago. Ugly prints, lack of quality, inconsistent sizing and totally unwarranted pricing. I doubt that qvc has absolute control over the pricing. Susan does have some say. Time for Susan Graver to go the way of the Dodo bird. Time for a new vendor to replace SG.

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I have a few of her items that I do like from a few years ago. I think they were LTS. I do not like her liquid knit at all. I need a 31" to 32" inseam in pants. So I can't say anything about them. Her prices are ridiculous! As some others have said you can find the same type of items for much less in a department store. I think people just got used to shopping on QVC when it had decent clothes & the prices were not crazy! Now we're checking out other stores & seeing that QVC is very high priced. Stores have great sales & rewards for using their store card. Wake up QVC! I still get my tall pants on the Q because they are hard to find in my area. Still have sizing problems but usually I can do an exchange.

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The last items I bought from SG were jean jackets, one on sale and the other I paid full price. Both are great quality and the fit is good on me. That being said, I have not bought anything from her in years and it's not because of the price. SG fashions are just too dated and if she is going to stay in business she needs more petite sized offerings.

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I also thought I read somewhere on the boards that QVC sets the prices. Maybe it was said in relation to mark downs though because I remember Susan being really surprised st a clearance price.

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High prices and too much polyester.....A caller told her that her pants reminded her of the Stirrup Pants they had back in the 80's....somehow I dont think the caller meant it as a compliment..... 

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