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I guess I'm just old-fashioned, but I really miss Susan Graver's EARLY blazers.  Does anyone remember her Boyfriend blazers?  To me, they were the best.  And even earlier were the "old standard" blazers that always seemed to fit the bill.  I wish she would bring them back, even for a limited time.

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@Bonzomom  I have a few Joan Rivers' blazers.


She sold excellent one's too.  Soon I'll be 76.  I haven't worked in many years.


However, when I go to the doctors or out to lunch...I always look like I'm going to lunch.


I dress for myself.  It makes me feel better (these days with all my boo boos I'll settle for ...better).


I wear bright colors that match.


I'd also love to see more blazers from everyone.

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DEfinitely old-fashioned here because I seldom get to use the sweaters and blazers and hoodies I accumulated over the years that I rarely look at any new ones.   I did just buy one of Isaac's pima cotton sweaters because I had nothing even close to its weight and color already.


It's been in the drawer for a few weeks -  some of our mornings have dropped into the 70's, but so far it still been 80 to 90 at dinnertime.  No sweaters or blazers are comfortable.

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I still have one of Susan Graver's old boyfriend jackets and I love it.  I did replace the cheap plastic gold button for a black one and it looks much better.