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That was Melissa.


She performs loudly and grandly, as if on a Broadway stage playing to the second mezzanine.


She's Auntie Mame!


Sing out Baby June!  Sing out!


But that's her background,  and that's currently what Qurate wants in its on-air personalities. 

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@Commoner Exec Mr’s a good way of portraying her personality. I forgot to add prior post that it looked like she has a piercing (earring) on her lower cheek in addition to the 7 on the
one ear lobe.. Attractive lady, but she sure likes a lot of piercings.
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@Group 5 minus 1….It was a jewelry show on Q2 if I remember correctly.
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I’m not fond of the new ladies, too forced, bubbly & loud
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I adore Steve!  He is a breath of fresh young air to me.  When he comes on with David I always have to smile at his antics and wonderful attitude.  He's a keeper!