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Loving Steve with vendors like Fire Light Lab Grown Diamonds.

His presentation and tone of voice is impeccible, imo.


Hoping QVC will allow him to ditch any shows with David.  His talents are shadowed in those.


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You are so right.  He is on now with a new host and she can't pronounce the gemstones.  I wish they would train or hire people that know how to pronounce things.  She is driving me crazy.  It's a good thing Steve is there or I would have to turn it off.  He does very well with almost any item.

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I love Steve!  He's just good and informative --and enjoy him on ITK shows.


TJ on the other hand acts like a "idiot" or maybe he's just nervous.  I turn it off.


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OMG!!  Steve is SO good!!  Way better than anyone hosting this jewelery show could ever imagine.  

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  Steve is doing a better job than most of the  other Hosts with the jewelry ( even the Hosts that have been on QVC for many years )  His voice tone is soothing and calm style.

Almost would buy, however no description on the size of each stone, just total ctw . Had to go online to look .

 Their lab grown are still pricy . Only one style of  hoop earring was to my liking but was a very small huggie which I would not buy as I want a bigger hoop  abt 1- 1 1/5 inches ..

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It's a pleasant change to see QVC has hired two male hosts.  I hope that Steve and T.J. stick around for a while.  


@timeless I may have to disagree with you about Steve on ITKWD. The full shows and brief look ins that I have seen between David and Steve with the vendors, the two of them alone and Steve with just a vendor have been fun to watch and maintain the usual excellence I expect from that show. With time Steve may make me stop yearning for Mary D. to return as the regular Kitchen sidekick.

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Havent seen Steve lately but when I have he's pleasant, calm, soothing & prepared. Easy listening. 

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I like Steve also. He is very good w/ different lines..Now he is on air w/ Melissa McGoff. Her voice is a bit squeaky and gets overly dramatic at times. She was modeling earrings. It looks like she had at least 6 or more piercings in her 1 ear lobe.
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@luvmybeetle   That female host is/was the total opposite of Steve last night. I think this is/was the first time I'd seen OR HEARD her. Steve is calm, gentle, easy to listen to, she was so loud, hard to watch this entire show. I eventually turned them off. Someone needs to tell her to turn down her volumn.

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@luvmybeetle What show was that? I would like to see it.