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If the hosts are going to reveal their size they should be truthful. It does make it confusing when they say they’re in an xs. It just can’t be true. We should always go by the size chart I guess….
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Amy Strain is obsessed about size.  What they should  be saying look at the garment measurements so you get the correct size.  Then  refer to the models and see how it looks on  them.


I wear a small or an extra small on top but big busted so not all tops in those sizes look good on me.  Everybody has a different shape and built.  Not all things look good on all women the same size.


I often think how could that host be in that size and it must run big.  



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@Kachina624 wrote:

With Q hosts and models, size is a vanity thing.  They'd die before they'd admit to being anything larger than a small.  The only honest host is Carolyn Gracie who wears a large but needs a XL. 

Completely agree with you , Carolyn who I like watching  always  say  I'M in my regular size LARGE,once again I find myself talking back to television saying think you would look so much better in an XL maybe not in all brands  but most, I  just wish  before she goes  on air she would try  XL .I wouldn't care what size the tag said I would just want myself  to look good.

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You mean amy strand?

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QVC 'small' and 'xsmall' are NOT that! Often Q 'XS' tops ar 40" in the bust! WHAAAAT??

Both sizes are cut much larger.


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@Luvsmyfam - it's actually Amy Stran

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my are right.anyway,she is super skinny and looks good .I also love her personality.shes not overbearing. If she says she is in a Xtra small,I believe it.women including myself,should embrace theirs elves no matter what the loo, going to like you regardless of your size

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I think Carolyn often wears what fits in her shoulders -- but then it's too tight in her torso and tummy.  I have narrow shoulders and a tummy, so I understand.  She (and I) need more a-line styles, or (as I do) go up to fit my bust and waist/tummy.   I prefer a looser fit anyway because I don't want anything accentuating my tummy! 😁

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@Luvsmyfam  I don't generally watch friya (just typing it makes me crazy), but I did see Jane sometime this week wearing a dress that was too tight and she said she was in a small.  I do not necessarily think that is her actual size, but I do think that might have been the only size available to her; and, that might be why she says she is in a small, because she is.  


I do not pay attention to their sizes as I check the online guide for each item that I might purchase.  Then, I read any reviews that are available, and I also look at how the clothes fit on the models.  Sometimes I just get a feeling that I should go up or down a size and that usually works.  It is definitely hard when there is no consistency in sizing.

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