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I just turned on QVC and Antionella is on with Denim& Co .. I havent seen her in quite a while she looks like a different person .. she must have lost alot of weight.. good for her .. sure surprised me ..

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On my TV she looks the same, beautiful as always, but I don't think she lost any weight.

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Re: She looks great !

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During the show, she kept gushing about how the D & Co pants she was wearing fit her so well and made her look so slim!  She ordered 3 pair for herself during the presentation! (Item #A71042)


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Gary tried to find out what size jacket Antonella had on.  He got into her mike sitsetc, etc so could not find the size.  She said it was a XL or LG which I do believe are her usual sizes.  She will size up if a garment is to tight and she does not hesitate to tell us she did it.  She looks great today and she does look slimmer.  I wish they would allow her to do more clothing shows.  At 5'2.5" and lg she is the one person, host or model, who is the size of the average American woman.   She tells it like it is and her sizing information has always been accurate when I purchase.  I always enjoy her interaction with her cohosting.  She can give us needed information, not interrupt and she loves her job.  Hope to see her again soon selling fashion.

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 If she didnt lose any weight I need to buy those pants because she looks great in them 

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I watched a couple of the videos and I didn't notice her looking any different.

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She really did look good in the pants but I don't think she lost get the magic pants and have all your friends and family wondering.She ordered three black pairs and said we would see her in them often.

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she's great with clothing shows!  Love her!

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I enjoyed watching on mute!!

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Antonella has said she has lost weight. She's one of my favorites and I've noticed she has. I would say as much as 50 lbs.