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@jubilant  Unfortunately this isn't light nor fluffy at least not where I'm at.


Feeling it in my shoulder, icyhot works.

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We have a Snow Joe blower that's good for snow up to 6" or so.  DH has done it but when it gets deeper we call someone who does landscaping in nice weather and snow removal in the winter...but he's expensive.  It cost me $60.00 for him to get our drive & walkway shoveled out last year!

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I've never ran a snow blower.  I have a neighbor lady who does and that's what made me think of it.  DH swears by Icy Hot, too.  Hope your shoulder feels better soon.  We are fortunate to have a 21 yr. old grandson that lives only 5 minutes away.  He does the sidewalks and back porch. I wanted DH to let him do the whole driveway but DH was anxious to use his new snow blower.  All the men in the neighorhood were comparing snow blowers. HA!  Boys have their toys!