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@nwbabs wrote:

Thanks for the heads up on Fri-YAY show with Rosina. I don't think I've ever seen Alberti and Rosina together. Nice combo!


@cheriere wrote:

I also thought she did a fantastic job!  She said she'll also be filling in for Amy for this FriYay show.😃


You're so welcome 💝. I was hoping those who may not have been watching this morning would like to know this.  I'm excited to see the FriYay Show too!😃

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Rosina has been a favorite host of mine since Day 1. She's kind, patient, well-rounded, educated, speaks several languages, adapts to change easily, communicates with others very well and has great posture and poise. She doesn't not interrupt others, she speaks in full sentences, she is not concerned about the camera angle, she is confident and knowledgeable of her position at QVC without having to resort to "acting parts" or playing the "dramatic diva" to gain attention.

She is the real deal; not an actress trying to be a salesperson on QVC.  She does not claim to own many of the items she sells, not does she attempt to purchase products while on-air. Rosina doesn't stoop to those old sales tactics used by a couple of new hosts whom are unwatchable. Rosina is true to herself and her profession as a saleswoman. She's a woman with a calm voice who is a pleasure to watch and listen to her thoughtful delivery (which is not full of empty space filling "yeah", "yes", "talk to me about it", big sighs, repeating the guests' last words, or interrupting the guest).

Rosina is stunningly beautiful. I really enjoy her intelligence and complete sentences! 

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Whew I’m happy to hear that! 😃😃😃
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Excellent host!


I've been rooting for her from the very  beginning.



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I thought Rosina really shined during Gem Day while presenting with Robert Manse.  They both seemed relaxed with each other and let the focus be on the jewelry.

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I think Rosina has improved a lot since she started, but I still find her hard, harsh voice a bit distracting.  I suppose it might just  be more of an "ethnic" voice.


Dennis Basso seems to like her, though, and he's really persnickety.

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She did a very good job on one of the gourmet food shows too. No saturation with personal stories. She was focused and on point.

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@12andcounting I can't watch her either. I never could. Nothing against her but I just can't.
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I like Rosina. A few weeks ago, she said that she was never taught how to wear flip-flops, which I thought was interesting.

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My question is will they let her host alone on Beauty Rev tonight (I assume SK is on vaca finally). I hope they give her the reigns completely with no added side kick