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Re: Reviews - Do Not Understand

The Dooney TSV got DRAGGED from people who didn’t buy it because they were angry about the shipping. It was ridiculous that they allowed it.

I had no interest in it but if I did the rating was so low I wouldn’t have ordered it.
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Re: Reviews - Do Not Understand

Well just so you all know my review on the Temptations Harvest platter is bogus.  I wrote the review for Geoffrey Z. cookies which you can see by my review details.  It is a 1 star review that somehow landed on the Temptations platter (which I also bought and would give it a 5 star rating itself).   Kind of funny when you read it though.  Everyone is down-voting it like crazy, lol.

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Re: Reviews - Do Not Understand

I usually try not to let reviews alter my judgement. As said, some have grudges because of slow shipping, shoes didn’t fit, but they ordered wrong size, bracelets broke, but maybe they were too rough with it, etc. 


You can’t be sure if they even tried the item on or just changed their mind when it arrived. 


Q needs to do a better job of reviewing the reviews before allowing them to be posted.