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Has any one else been having an issue with getting the wrong items? In the past few months I have received the wrong item three times. The first was a pair of IM pedal pushers that I ordered on clearance, when I called in to CS they told me I could return it and get an exchange but upon checking the item was sold out and I was out of luck. The second was a Susan Graver shirt, I got the wrong shirt but decided I would just keep the shirt they sent me because it wasn't worth the time and effort to return because it wasn't a very high cost item. Then yesterday I received an order that was supposed to be Anybody pants but were Susan Graver pants. To say I was annoyed would be an understatement.  In all three cases the item number and description on the clear plastic bag the item came in was for the item I ordered.  I don't understand how the wrong item is getting into the packaging.  I am wondering if these could be returns and when they were repackaged someone messed up.  Whatever the reason it is really annoying and it really is making think twice about ordering.


thanks for letting me vent, I'm curious is this is happening to any one else.

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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

I recently attempted to buy a LTS bracelet size LARGE, that I had planned to wear with an extender chain, as a necklace.


I liked it so much, I ordered 2.


The package I received contained ONE sterling silver bangle, sized medium.




Unreasonable, a lost sale, honestly, pretty inexcusable.



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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

I have shopped the Q for 20+ years and never had an issue, and customer service has been great. However, last week pajamas ordered arrived with the top in (correct) size L and bottoms in 1X. I am returning for replacement. I don't order much these days due to Q's rising prices and ability to get same quality elsewhere.
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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

Only once, during the Christmas rush. I ordered a throw for my best friend, but I received a barefoot dreams sweater, which had been a TSV. It was an absolutely beautiful sweater, and by coincidence was my size. It was worth far more than throw. I did contact Customer Service, and they told me to return it. It had the other persons receipt in the box. They must have had my information, and I had theirs. I felt so bad that it was close to Christmas, and felt that they would not get the sweater in time. iI did receive the replacement in time.

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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

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Yes, about 3 times this year. The latest was,  i ordered 2 of kate somerville's age arrest  on sale, and received 2 kate somerville books.

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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

Absolutely.  This has happened to me maybe 5 or 6 times in all the years I have been shopping with QVC.  The most recent one was about two months ago.  I got a bracelet instead of a necklace.  I sent it back asking for the right item, which was still available, and all they did was process a return.  I had to contact CS to get them to send me the necklace.


The time before that, I got a bathing suit, with her paperwork, in a plastic bag addressed to me.  Forgot what I was supposed to get.


It is annoying and makes one wonder what is going on.  Are they under so much pressure or so understaffed that these mistakes happen?


I would love to see the shipping process at QVC, how it is all handled, how many stations and checks and whatnot.

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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

Just happened to me. Expecting two different shipments of Clark shoes in a 8 1/2. I'm in Pittsburgh, just got a box of size 10 Skechers and a 3x Logo top belonging to someone in Michigan. Called now my shoes are sold out. QVC thinks my black shoes were delivered, they weren't!  Ugh, not happy!

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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

It has happened to me 3 times in about 4 months...

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Re: Receiving the wrong item.

Yes.  I ordered an outdoor carpet.  I waited WEEKS for it and when it arrived, it was not only the wrong carpet but when I called QVC, they said they didn't even have the correct one available to replace it with.


That entire time, it stated it was being PREPARED, not in PROCESSING but I was unable to cancel it. 

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