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I had to make 5 phone chats and calls to customer service on return labels. First they lied twice when they said they would have ups pick up my 2 pkgs. 

Third time they said they would mail return labels and would not admit they never called ups.  No printer here.

I finally took them to the post office and mailed back myself. 

Called again because they took out 2 flex pays in May and 2 again in June.

Called again to check on refund and was told they finally got my returns but would charge me for return postage which of course I paid for myself.

It took them days to do refunds on 4 different flex pays and not have them charge me the return shipping.

I'm so over it and I've been here over 30 years. 

Some of us don't have a printer or drive. I'm done...


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I too thought it was my computer .  I contacted the Social team and they asked customer service to email it , but that didn't happened. So then they asked for them to send it by mail. It took a week to get it.

This has made me think , do I really want to order anything, maybe not so much .

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It sounds like they are trying to discourage returns.  If they make it difficult enough people will give up and keep it.

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I am one who could care less about a return slip. In all my years of shopping I have probably returned five things. Lately, every order I receive has had a return slip. 

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I am having the same problem, thought QVC just hated me LOL. Chatted for the second time today and maybe just maybe I will receive one in the mail this time. Honestly it's becoming so difficult that I will start looking elsewhere for things

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I've been trying for 3 weeks now to return a defective item.  I am shocked that a company of this size, that has been around as long as they have cannot figure this out.  Amazon has it figured out.  ??  And honestly, the chat agents that I'm getting are of little help and acutally come across rude on chat.  So I'm sitting here with an item I need to return, and the company cannot offer me a pre-paid return label.  Today I was told to "pay for the return yourself, and keep your receipt".  What?

And I see comments about the lenght of time it is taking for returns to be processed and credited back? What is going on at QVC?


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How do you contact the Social Team?

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Well, RETURN Labels.... they are becoming an incentive to the PAST!! Live and learn, unfortuatelyfor the consumer, the loss of labels will greatly influence the success and or failure of programs like OVC and HSN.... my example...

I bought , on HSN, a STAUB COOKPIECE, BEAUTIFUL... WITH TAX AND ALL, A TSV PRICE COST ME $183.00. I just knew that my Italian Nonna would love it.... well she did when I showed it to her. It was her Christmas present for this year and wanted her to see it to make sure it met her needs in her very busy kitchen... Yes she loved it, but said it was too heavy a piece for her to hold or handle and felt she just would not be able to use it as it was intended to be used. So... yesterday, I packed it up, and noted there was no return label. Called HSN CS and was told I would have to send it back on my dime. So I took it to the Mailbox Store, and the cheapest way to mail it back was by Fed Ex. I had the wind blown out of my lungs when they told me the price was nearly $65.00, I was blown away, to mail it back by UPS would have cost $94. So buyers beware!! This will greatly deter my spending on the Q and especially on HSN. Just wanted you to know my experince , happened on Dec 3, 2022!! Happy Holidays!!! MJ

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@MILKI- Have you checked with the Post Office? It won't be as expensive as what you were quoted.

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I did not check with the post office.. have had some disappointing expericences with mailing items thrrough them. MJ