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@Kachina624It occurs to me, that while availablity of items does change over time, the seller has an obligation to notifiy the customer in a timely fashion of those changes, especially if the sale was based on a promise that was promoted.  When you purchase anything, you enter into a contract.  If one party doesn't fulfill their end of the contract, that contract is broken.  If a customer pays on time, they are fulfilling their end of the contract.  If the seller can't ship because of availabilty or cannot fulfill the promises that they made they can AT THE VERY LEAST initiate the communication to the other party as to what cannot be fulfilled and why (something that QVC has a hard time understanding).  They have an obligation to do so and it affords the other party the opportunity to decide if they wish continue to be party to the broken contract or not (again something QVC has a hard time understanding).

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@royalcavaliers    Most of QVC's policies are listed on this website.  They are always going to cover themselves. 


Will QVC cancel my Auto-Delivery plan?
QVC strives to deliver your favorite products to you as long as you remain enrolled in your Auto-Delivery plan. QVC reserves the right to discontinue or cancel your Auto-Delivery plan for any reason. Some reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to, unavailability of inventory, lack of payment for two consecutive scheduled shipments, customer account closure, etc. If for any reason QVC must discontinue or cancel your plan, you'll be notified by email or USPS mail. Additional terms and conditions may apply


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