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I'm watching Crossing Jordan on Roku which I like a lot.

Everytime they show a commercial it includes one from QVC.

Ok, yes I am going to vent and don't bother telling me to get a life cause today this is it.

I hate how they try to make it all cute by the person almost laughing when talking you know what I mean? Like so excited and filled with joy about it all that they are about to laugh from happiness and change the vowels on things like-you can find new things "teww!" (instead of too). Ok I know I'm getting on MY nerves now. I start making fun of her.


She's probably a nice person and all but again I blame whoever is telling her it sounds good and telling her to talk like that.

I remember another add from QVC that used to be on QVC and it sounded the same. Different words and pictures but the same supposed to sound excited and so cute. 

Ok, that's allSmiley Happy


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That wouldn't bother me nearly as much as the 27 times today I've seen Snoop Dogg do his beer commercial from the beach somewhere as he lives the "nice" (i. e. useless) life. 

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I see a lot QVC's ads on Youtube and this may have been one of them. They seem to be targeting young people. 


Much better was HSN's Christmas ad on Youtube.  So classy and well done, it surprised me.  If I wasn't familiar with HSN, I'd think it was a high-end retailer. No people, no talking in the ad, just products presented in a classy way with beautiful music.  I was very impressed.    

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Re: QVC's new commercial

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I always find HSN to be more professional acting all around. Some of the hosts on the Q are foolish at times and it take away from the explanation of the items they are presenting. Just this gal's opinion