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You are the one who has to be kidding.....Wal Mart isn't NM or Nordstroms but they have fun, nice clothes at great prices.  Also, the buyer can feel the fabric and try the sizing.  

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Change is the only constant on life and QVC has changed. There's so much emphasis on certain shows like Josie Maran, Philosophy, Isaac Mizrahi, Kim Gravel,and Gourmet Holiday, which seems to be featured even if there is no holiday. No Fri-Yay or Holi-Yay for me.  And Shawn Saves Christmas? Hmm. Some vendors have disappeared. Honora pearls are still available, but there no more new shows. Maybe what is still in stock is what has never sold. Cooks Essentials seems to have gone by the wayside, no more Silver Style as far as I know, and Diamonique is not what it was in Kathy Levine's day. Diamonique may be a high quality CZ but the designs are no longer tasteful. As for Denim & CO, it was my go-to for years but not now. Bold and splashy prints aren't my style and I can do without  camo. Size has changed, too.  Maybe the factories in China or other Asian countries  have a different idea of what medium size is in the US and I've returned many medium items because they were too big. Not everything has gone downhill, but I'm not as tempted to buy, although I do appreciate easy pay this time of year. 

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To the original poster... do you realize how large of a corporation QVC is?? There are hundreds of thousands of people who share a completely different view of yours, including me. I've been a shopper for over 20 years and couldn't be happier. I don't have the same complaints as you. 
I would never buy Susan Graver so I cannot speak of the quality. I shop the high end vendors on Q and the quality is wonderful. 
Furthermore, if you have access to all those other retailers then shopping elsewhere seems to be what will be best for you going forward. QVC will move on with new customers as they always have. 

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I really only shop QVC before Christmas now and make sure I order early to get it in time, which I always have. I haven't had an issue with anything, except a UPS driver took my package to the UPS store instead of leaving it on my porch, but that isn't QVC's fault.


I agree QVC's prices are too high for certain things, so I find similar items elsehwere for cheaper and most of the time the quality is comparable. But then again, I don't need to buy dressier clothing from high-end department stores, almost all of what I wear is casual or business casual for work so I can go to Walmart, Kohl's, etc. 


I think the big issue with QVC is that they want to be a premier shopping place for younger, upper-class women but at the same time, what they typically sell is geared towards female boomers, and they need to embrace their largest demographic. Because most millenials and Gen-Z aren't going to buy from a TV shopping channel, they're going to go to Target, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Instagram, or whatever retailers popular social medial influencers go to. I doubt many of them care if Oprah or Amal Clooney (the names hosts always throw out) like something. Those ladies are old school and most young women I know or see online aren't talking about them. 

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Well, last I checked we all still live in the USA and are free to shop wherever we want to!


Maybe it's time for you to try somewhere else? Clearly you are not happy here.

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You are so right.    I've shopped QVC for many years.    I used to buy D & C.    Like you did with Susan Graver, I also bought the same items again.   Wow what a difference.  Real garbage quality.   I wouldn't think to buy anything today..    Sad that they let this happen.  Forget about the other issues, that's hopeless.  Their IT dept also needs an overhaul.     

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I can't believe the price  of Susan Gravers  clothing for what you get. And the awful garish floral prints are outrageous. Hers is  not the only brand that has those garish prints  though. Who would wear that stuff? I have found that  generally Isaac's clothing  still has a good quality to it (however I have not purchased a lot lately). He has the best T shirts! I have had good luck with Kim Gravel's line along with the cute petite black lady's line--can't  think of her brand!  She has  good quality fabrics. The prices on so many clothing items is out of hand. I have to  really like  something to purchase  it. I did get a pair of Breezies black leggings that are perfection! Such a  wonderful fabric --really beautiful. By comparison though QVC has HSN beat as far as their clothing line. I rarely buy anything  from HSN's clothing line. Just my two cents!! 

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Re: QVC losing their way

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To original poster: Your post reflects my feelings perfectly about QVC.


First time commenter but over 30 yr QVC member. Sad to see this company go to pot. RIP QVC.

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I find this topic very interesting.  Like many, I have shopped the Q for years.  I live between two cities of 100,000 and there is not one, not a single ladies boutique store.  Our malls have closed so we have no department store either.  My option for clothes is an old TJ in one town, a small Marshall's in the other, Farm & Fleet, or Wal-Mart.  I can drive an hour and a half to a major US city, and I do sometimes, but that is a rare trip.  
I have no argument with the complaints about how the Q has changed.  But, here is the thing---I like shopping on the Q and few of my other favorite on line sites.  I don't have to leave the house to buy what I want, saving gas and hours of driving.  I like browsing the video presentations and I can take my time and shop any time of the day that is convenient to me.  $3.50 shipping is not an issue when gas is $3.24 a gallon and the weather is lousy.  I have learned what brands are worth the price I am willing to pay and I stick to my favorites.   I take the presentations and hosts with a grain of salt.  Some present the product better than others.  Frankly, the host personality does not influence what I buy.  Any huckster selling tactics or celebrity sponsored product has no influence on me either.  I shop here for the product, then it's on to other things.  

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Have any of you fussing about the changes considered that you really have aged out of QVC’s targeted demographic? I’ve said it more than once, but I’m a suburban working mom closer to 50 than to 40 and I outspend my mother on QVC by a lot. When you’re complaining about Shawn, my girlfriends and I tuning in to her for the reasons you’re changing the channel. If im watching QVC on a Saturday night (usually because im waiting on a youngster who needs to ride), I’m in my jammies drinking wine so her schtick is relatable. I think it’s perfectly acceptable she has made up nicknames for people because my friends and I do it too.

Most of my QVC purchases are impulse buys. If not exactly impulse buys, I usually know I can get it cheaper somewhere else. Sure, I know I can get cinnamon rolls at Costco or Barefoot Dreams cardigans at Nordstrom Rack or TJMaxx might end up with that Tarte palett or the Dooney bag, but I’m ok paying a little more for those things to come to me. I’m not interested in seeing pearl or Diamonique jewelry because none of my Gen-X friends are into those things. We wear smart watches and decent quality costume jewelry and a few pieces of nice silver. I don’t want clothes I have to baby and even my work clothes often include athleisure or loungey kind of pieces.

Maybe it’s just not for you any more.