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To all upset at quality:  How much more (percentage maybe) are you willing to pay for better quality?  


Seeing as how prices are going up, how much will you pay for better quality and how much will it simply keep you from buying new items you don't really need?


I think these are questions a lot of us will soon face.

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food items as well

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@northiie57 wrote:

food items as well

The prices of ALL the food QVC sells are outrageous. I have NEVER or will NEVER buy food from QVC. 

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@SoonerLater wrote:

I was excited last spring to get four new pair of the old faithful (well, not so much now) Denim and Co. original pants that I love.


They were horrible, the fit, construction and material were awful.  Here's the problem.  I understand things are going up, inflation is here.  So how much would I pay for a good pair?  A LOT.  But from what I read here, most people either couldn't or wouldn't.  So what is QVC supposed to do?


QVC's shipping and returns are archaic.  As is their billing where you never really see what a return cost and how the sum was arrived at. 


Kitchen wise, I'd like to see them give the old war horses and tired sad old things a rest and bring in something fresh.  I'd like to see a kitchen show where they intersperse things made in the USA and in very limited qualities--like USA made cutting boards.  Bring them in, do a quick demo and sell 'em out FAST!  Then go back to Mark Charles.  But make us see something fresh, exciting and one we need to grab and it's gone.


Give us something to be excited about, something from a smaller company in small quantities and sell it out!  Must like the old 50 in 50 tour without the bus!  

I agree especially about the D&C pants.......the material is very stretchy so with wear it starts to bag....most annoying is the rise is way low (i purchase petite and it sags down there).....ALSO they have tightened the elastic waist on all those pants........quite a bit smaller then the waists of the older pants...........i stopped ordering them.  Poor construction.

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I am just guessing because I have no clue what upper management of QVC is thinking or what they are privy to but I see them reading the complaints and going  "Don't like it shop somewhere else".  There are too many customers who believe Kim Gravel is their friend, that all of Los Angeles is running barefoot on Malibu in expensive longe wear, that the Hamptons is the arbiter of taste, that Lori is now their stylist. That is where they excel, the sizzle of the product. Now how well the product is but how you are going to have a fantasy experience. Feeling in the dumps.....Oprah uses this cream and we all know how good her life is.

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So much criticism about this shopping channel, yet folks love to come here and post again and again.  I do not think QVC is losing its way--I think sadly that the way it has been was relevant for the older shopping generation, but does not work for today's youth.


I can and I do shop anywhere and everywhere, and I have paid a lot for clothes that were exquisite quality, but most of them are not every day wear items.


I do not really think QVC is overpriced, which is why I and so many others have shopped here for decades.  Yes, I agree some of the quality is a bit shoddy, but other items I buy from lines like LOGO and Quacker Factory, Linea, Bob Mackie, etc., have all been sturdy and comfortable.


The challenge is that many of us veteran shoppers do not really need much any more, and perhaps we have become much more particular.


Shopping from television was entertaining, shopping from the Internet is easy, but shopping in person in stores or malls was the traditional way I learned, and still one of my favorite experiences (although so many stores I loved have sadly gone out of business).


Yes, the younger generation will drive change in the retail industry, but there will come a point for me that I will be getting rid of stuff instead of buying more, so I will really not care that much about the companies.  However, I will continue to enjoy my QVC shopping as long as I can!

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YES!  Name dropping hucksters - sidebar: SHAWN!  I do not use Oprah's Christmas List as my arbiter of  good taste, and who really cares that a host - AKA SHAWN, is gifting her sister-in-law, trashman???????


Things are just silly, most folks don't give their neighbors throws of faux fur.  And why does onne aging Host feel the need to put on a show about her private life. Courtney K. is embarrassed this evening - Also please don't call people by nickn, ames - Coco? and Ninety Bucks?  Please, we are not all 18 years old.

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You buy clothing from Walmart and Target? I'm sorry, but the quality of clothing found in stores like this DO NOT compare with Neiman Marcus, The comparison is laughable! 

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Well said I have been trying to say the same thing for quite some time but could not say the same thing as well as you. Unfortunately we live in a capitalistic society right now and they can charge anything they want but we still have the upper hand and we don't have to buy it. Most of us are people of age and are use to living conservatively but the younger generation are earning A hefty paycheck these days and the cost of things do not even phase them. In fact when I watch the business channels I am shocked to see the paychecks that some are receiving. Yes the wife and I can afford to purchase anything we want but it has got to be a cold day in hell before we do. We would rather give to our charities instead.

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I bought a lot of clothes from QVC in the past and found it to be somewhat addictive .  Finding my self with tons of clothes , retired so not needing it all , l started selling them on eBay . Had really good luck, buyers knew the quality of the older clothing , that l barely used .